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Case history: Liquid gasket sealant

Problem: Leakage from Flanges due to gasket failure


Why do solid gaskets fail – leak/seep/crack

  • Best machined liquid gasket sealantflanges will be have surface irregularities that solid gasket cannot seal. For cast ,stamped , sheet metal flanges the problem gets aggravated.
  • Compression set – Solid gasket relaxes with time
  • Due to internal pressure and vibrations the gasket tends to bow out
  • finding accurate sized gasket during maintenance replacement is difficult 

Solution: Replace Solid gasket with Liquid Gasket sealant

Supex Silicone Sealant, high temperature silicone sealantLiquid gasket sealant, replaces solid gaskets. These liquid sealants are called ‘ Fomed in place’ Gaskets, FIPG.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% leak proof flange joints till the life of the assembly
  • Costly machining of flanges not required. Can be applied on cast, stamped, sheet metal flanges.
  • Can be applied by manual gun, pneumatic gun or automatic dispensing system – easy application
  • No downtime since any shape gasket can be made insitu.

Application method 

  • Clean the area to be sealed such that it is free from dust, loose particles
  • Apply a uniform bead of the sealant from the tube
  • Assemble flanges together and bolt .

Industries and Applications

Liquid gasketing is becoming very popular with Automotive Gasket sealantindustry. All the automotive manufacturers  , viz:   Passenger cars, 2 wheelers, Commercial vehicles, Tractors, Agricultural machines, Railway Engines, Gensets use Liquid gaskets for all critical flange joints.

Process plants like Power, Steel, Paper, Waste water treatment, Mining industry, textiles use ‘Liquid gasketing’  for flange sealing of various equipments like Gear Box , Oil pan, Cam shaft cover, transmission buckle up etc.

What is liquid gasket?

It is a Sealant in semi paste or liquid form applied on flanges to seal them permanently. They seal the gaps , surface imperfections completely. It seals and bonds to make a single structural unit instead of two flanges joined by a third material.

Can I use silicone instead of gasket?

Definately Yes. Silicone sealant is a popular replacement for solid gaskets. Typically used for cast, stamped and sheet metal flanges where the gap is more than 1 mm.  Silicone sealant gaskets can sustain upto 250C and presuure upto 10 Bars.

How long does liquid gasket take to dry?

Typically, RTV Silicone sealants require a minimum of two hours to set up and 24-hours to achieve the full cure that’s needed before adding fluids or returning the vehicle to service. Anaerobic flange sealants and gasket makers need about an hour to cure.

Do I need sealant on a rubber gasket?

Rubber gaskets can be coated on both sides with RTV or other sealants for a long-lasting, leak-free seal.  At some places rubber gasket is also used as a shim or spacer , for such situations you can apply sealant on both the faces of the flanges or gasket. This will ensure no leakage from the joints till it is reopened for maintenance purposes.


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