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Adhesives sealants PU Foams have become part of our daily life. From tooth paste packing to space shuttle, fmcg to heavy industries, construction to medical industry- all have harnessed the benefits of adhesive and sealant technology. 

Our 20+ years of adhesive engineering experience helps in providing you  innovative solutions at lowest application costs.

PU Foam spray– Gap filling foam, Insulating foam sealant, Foam filler for walls, foam spray sealant, Expanding foam.

Acrylic Sealants – Gap filler sealant, Sealing joints, Paintable sealant, Door gap filler, Window gap sealant, External and Internal crack filling sealant.

Polyurethane Sealant – Sealing expansion joints, Isolation joints, Roof joints, Body Sealants, Paintable auto body seam sealer, Car body sealant.

Silicone Sealants – RTV Silicone/ GP Silicone/ Clear Silicone/ Glass Bonding Silicone/ Flange sealing Silicone sealants. 

Adhesives – Industrial glue, best adhesive for plastics, metal to metal adhesive, MS Sealant.

Sealant Applicators – Caulking gun, Pneumatic gun, Glue dispensers, Battery operated sealant Guns.

Application Engineering – understanding your  problem or situation, gap analysis. 

Solution proposal  – includes application cost, product cost, application process.

Validation of Proposal– Demo or sharing existing application case history.

Training – Train users about the product and application method.

Process audit – Conducting in Plant Seminars – Technology presentation for Sr. Management, Design/ Quality/ Operations Team.

Why Anagha Engineers?

Why would a customer choose us as their valued partner/ supplier for adhesives sealants PU foams. 

The fact is that Customer doesn’t want adhesive or sealant supplier/ vendor. Every Industry or organization has unique situations and require expertise from diiferent areas to address them. We partner with such customers to provide innovative solutions using our products and services. 

Key differentiators 

  • Lowest application cost solution provider
  • Trusted technical partnership – understanding requirement and providing innovative solutions
  • Training on adhesive, sealant, foam spray technologies 
  • Effective Supply chain management– On time delivery

Questions we ask ourselves when a new cutomer comes onboard

  • Why did the customer buy from us though there are choices available? 
  • Did we add value to their existing process?
  • Did we educate the user about the product and application ?

What are Adhesives Sealants Pu foams ?

Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any non metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.

Sealant is a liquid, viscous material that upon applied on the surface changes to solid and prevents passage of liquid/gas/vapour etc through the joint. It has three basic functions. 

  1. It fills a gap between two or more substrates. 
  2. It forms a barrier through the physical properties of the sealant itself and by adhesion to the substrate. 
  3. It maintains sealing properties for the expected lifetime, service conditions and environments. 

Sealant primary job is to seal and secondary to bond, hence sealants are adhesives too. They add to the structural strength of the assembly.

Polyurethane Foam spray  is dispensed as a frothy liquid which expands and cures into a solid foam ( Like Thermocol) insulation and sealant.

Why do you use sealants? Purpose of sealants

Joints are subject to various stresses due to micro movements, vibrations, weather changes, pollutants, noise, internal work, painting etc.  Such stresses lead to cracks, leakages & joint failures. To avoid this we require robust sealant which can withstand /sustain stress causing factors

What are the different types of sealants

  • The jointing work is a rather simple technique and does not require special skills
  • MAIN DIFFICULTY: finding the right product for the right application
  • Important to understand the differences in sealants
types of sealants
What is a waterproof sealant?
Sealant that remains elastic under prolonged exposure to water. Generally waterproof coatings fall in this category. Silicone and PU sealants are good water barriers but not meant to be constantly in water contact.

What is an acrylic sealant?

Acrylic sealant is a water based material used in a wide range of applications. It seals all types of joints , prevents seepage or leakages. The drying or curing time for acrylic sealant varies according to the humidity and temperature. In addition to building joints, rubber-like sealant is used around windows and doors as well as to seal foundation cracks. Gaps in building siding can also be sealed with acrylic flexible sealants. Acrylic sealant is paintable, has FR version also for fire retardent joint sealing applications.

Is primer required on a porous substrate? 

If there is a possibility that the surface gets wet, the use of primer is necessary. In that case you get a better adhesion and protect the sealing against the water pressure that can appear. However acrylic sealants work well on dry porous substrates being water based sealant.

What is a suitable sealant for sealing Air Ducts?

Air ducts leakage cause pressure losses, contamination of air in building, energy loss due to overworking of HVAC equipments. Most air ducts are made of galvanized steel or aluminium or aluminated textiles. Because of the steel, we need a non corroding sealant. Acrylic sealant is the first choice for such applications. Other is Neutral cure silicone sealants though expensive than acrylic sealants.

What is the best sealant for gap filling in uPVC door and windows?

Acrylic Sealants.

  • high gap fill ability
  • flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Low cost
  • Long life 
  • Paintable 
Which is better Tile adhesive or cement?

Tile adhesive has better tensile and shear strenght, hence less thickness of adhesiv layer required, more stable and strong laying of tiles. 

Where to buy Pu foam spray bottle in Mumbai?

Anagha Engineers products including PU foam spray bottle is easily available in  in Mumbai . Kindly call / Whatsapp us at +91 9833892782 

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