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From construction sites to packaging and logistics, sealants are omnipresent. Be it to seal cracks in walls to holding two materials together to fixing up holes in your plumbing, sealants and adhesives really do make the small things better. 

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Three Pillars- Knowledge Management , Innovation, Lowest application Cost.

Anagha Engineers exists for companies that understand this practicality. With an industry experience of over 20+ years, we have closely studied and worked with the growing industry of adhesive and sealants. At Anagha Engineers, we help you find out the best product and process for your application.

"Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.

-Swami Vivekananda

At Anagha Engineers, we have a vision- to innovate. It is inspired by you and the scenarios you bring to us. But our expertise is in seeing through these challenges successfully, every single time.

Learn how we helped various businesses with our products & strategies.


Engineering & Construction

Sealants and Adhesives prevents passage of corrosive material through cracks on surfaces, joint or openings
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Solar & Energy Plants

Good sealants can ensure quality and long life spans for solar & energy plants. Anagha Engineers' products offers protection under severe temperature conditions for decades
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Interior Designing

The proper application of a sealant for interior design can improve the waterproofing & resistance capabilities and thereby creating long-lasting design structures
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Our sealants and adhesives are used in different parts of an automobile, from sealing locks and studs in the right position to allowing the badges to stick properly
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