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Supex 309 Water Based Leather Adhesive

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Supex 309 Leather Adhesive

Leather adhesive Supex 309 is a high yielding and fast drying one-part water based adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications. While primarily designed for use with foams, fibers, and fabrics, Supex 309 will instantly bond to many different materials including wood and plastic.

Water based leather adhesive (‘GREEN’ product),  Supex® 309 is a solvent-free, pressure-sensitive dispersion adhesive with a water base used for the bonding of leather, Rexine, foams, upholstery materials and more. The adhesive has an excellent wet sticking property and high flexibility as well as good heat resistance. The adhesive, depending on the grade, is applied to one or both sides by means of low pressure spray gun (HVLP).

Supex 309 Water base adhesive is made from high quality of chloroprene rubber. It is a one-part adhesive, allows for instant bonding and Overspray Free application. It is most commonly used where an extremely soft bond line is required.

Key Properties

  • Bonds to many materials
  • High yield
  • Instant bond
  • Fast processing
  • Fast drying
  • One-sided application
  • High temperature resistance
  • Soft bond line
  • Solvent free

Technical Data 

  • Appearance Milky:               White
  • Viscosity mpa.s (25℃) :      130±50
  • Density (g/ml):                      1.00-1.06
  • Solid content(%)             42-52
  • Heat resistant                       80℃
  • 180°peel strength(kN/m):     1.5-2.0
  • Open time:                             5-15 min
  • Cure time:                             24 Hr
  • PH Value:                               8-10

Uses of water based sprayable rubber adhesive

Used in a variety of applications that include the bonding of various foams, fabric, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wood, plastic, cardboard, jute, rubber, leather, vinyl, non-wovens, and other porous materials.

Water based adhesive ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards. Ideal for gluing PVC, EVA, nylon and ready made rubbers.

How to use S309

  • Manual Brush or Roll 
  • Manual + Automatic Spray
  • Automatic Roll Coater

Minimal overspray, very high initial adhesive strength immediately after spraying without additional drying time, high heat resistance, solvent-free, no hazards, high solid content, non flammable

Application process: Double sides sprayed with the distance of 0.2m between the spray gun and target materials, it usually takes 24 hours to cure.

Water based Leather adhesive

Water based adhesive for bonding foam, upholstery, fabric instantly Toll free number: 18001214771 Whatsapp: +91 9699892782 Email:

Advantages of water based rubber adhesive vs solvent based adhesives

  • no fire hazard 
  • reach complaint, worker and environment friendly
  • non smelly
  • not eye irritant 
  • productivity is 3 times due to higher solid content- less space and inventory


The usual precautionary measures have to be taken, the same as when handling chemical products. This includes a well ventilated working place, particularly when larger quantities are processed. For technical data see according safety data sheet. The particulars on this data sheet are based on our present knowledge and experience. Of course each user has to make his own tests when using our products. Our data sheet cannot be considered legally binding in the case of certain material or suitability for all applications.  


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