Supex 100 PU Foam Spray Sealant- Gun Type

Minimum Order Quantity – 24 bottles
Net Quantity/bottle – 750 ml


Supex 100 PU FOAM Spray Sealant – Gun Type is a one-component, multipurpose polyurethane foam.  Works excellent as door gap filler. This sealant is curable by air humidity and has high adhesion strength.  We have listed some of the areas like:

  • Construction: Fitting Door frames, window frame gaps, sealing tie rod holes/joints, the gap between bricks and  beam, bonding AAC blocks
  • Power plants: For sealing the gaps between cable and wires, gaps between electric panel outlet.
  • Solar Plants: For sealing the spaces between cable and wires.
  • Interiors: For gap filling purposes.

Features of Supex 100 door gap filler

  • Single component product, therefore, it doesn’t require use of other additives.
  • Excellent resistance to water, oil, acid and most solvents.
  • Eliminates vibration and absorbs sound efficiently. This can reduce the overall noise in the room.
  • High adhesion strength. 

Where Can It Be Used?

Supex – 100 PU Foam Spray Sealant- Gun Type is ideal for:

  • Window and door gap filler.
  • Baseboards and vents.
  • Sill plates, pipe and duct penetrations.
  • Sink plumbing, floor/wall junctions, around electrical boxes (not inside).

The exterior applications of Supex – 100 could include the following:

  • Where the siding meets the foundation.
  • Gas and electrical penetrations.
  • Garage ceiling and wall joints.
  • Around outdoor faucets and exterior vents.
  • Landscaping applications such as stone wall repair, pond/ waterfall fillers and repair, as well as to secure landscape blocks.

 Shelf life: This product is usable for up to 12 months from the month of manufacture.

Appliction of Supex door gap filler

  • Shake the aerosol can for at least 20 seconds.
  • Put the adapter/ Gun on the valve. Moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application. Remove pressure from the applicator to stop.
  • Fill holes and cavities for 50 %, as the foam will expand.
  • Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers, repeat moistening after each application.
  • Clean the Gun with Supex PU cleaner immediately after application.  

Here’s a quick video to show you how simple it is to use AE -100 PU Foam.

Benefits of using Supex 100 door gap filler-Gun Type

  • Faster process
  • Time saving, Reduction in Labour cost
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • no cracks developed with time
  • Additional strength provided to door frame, number of anchor fasteners can be reduced
  • 100% sealing  
  • highly efficient thermal insulation
  • 100% electrical insulation


  • Use with proper ventilation. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.
  • If contact with skin occurs, rinse with warm water.
  • If Supex – 100 PU Foam spray sealant gets into the eye, keep it open and rinse thoroughly. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Clean the Gun with Pu cleaner after application.
  • Consult product MSDS whle storing and using.

Videos of PU Foam Spray Selant

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