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Silicone Sealant Gun



Manual Caulking Gun for extruding( dispensing) sealants in Cartridges from 220 to 310 ml capacity.


    Supex Silicone Sealant Manual Gun

    All silicone sealant gun have a single purpose: deliver a continuous bead of sealant in order to seal joints between two surfaces—for instance, gaps between window frames and jambs. The majority of the sealant guns used today are manual, meaning you squeeze a hand trigger to dispense the sealant. Powered sealant guns—the new kids on the block—are growing in popularity because all you need do is guide the tip of the gun to create a smooth, continuous bead of caulk.

    The ideal silicone sealant gun for you will depend on the type of sealant you’re applying and the scope of your project. 

    Key Considerations

    Check out the rod: Squeezing the hand trigger on a manual caulking gun forces a rod into the back of the tube of sealant, which in turn pushes the caulk out of the tube’s tip. There are two main types of gun rod that vary slightly in performance.

    • Ratchet rod: Sealant guns with ratchet rods (serrated rods that “catch” with each hand squeeze) are inexpensive and suitable for light projects. The biggest problem with ratchet rods is that the sealant keeps oozing out until you twist the end of the rod and pull it back to release pressure. This can make a mess and lead to wasted sealant.
    • Smooth rod: When you’re done applying sealant with a smooth rod sealant gun—often advertised as “dripless”—you need only depress a thumb lever to release pressure on the sealant.

    2. Get the right thrust ratio.

    Look for the thrust ratio on the caulking gun’s package or in its online description. Thrust ratio relates to the amount of force generated each time you squeeze the hand trigger. The higher the ratio, the more force exerted with each squeeze. This is important because different types of sealant are more or less viscid (thick). With thicker sealants, more thrust ratio is required to dispense the sealant. Thrust ratios run from 3:1 to 28:1. Guns with lower ratios are suitable for dispensing thin types of caulk, such as water-based, latex caulk, while higher thrust ratios are needed for dispensing more viscous types of caulk, such as epoxy sealants.

    3. Look for a revolving frame to seal around corners

    Stopping and starting when running a bead of sealant can lead to unsightly lumps and bulges. It’s especially challenging to run a continuous bead around a corner because you must change hand position and the angle of the gun. With a revolving frame, however, as you round a corner, simply rotate the frame (instead of the whole gun) to caulk without interruption.

    Save product with a sausage gun.

    silicone sealant gun
    Silicone sealant gun
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