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Supex 1K PUR Adhesive


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Product Description- 1K PUR Adhesive

Supex 1K PUR is a one component ready to use moisture curing polyurethane adhesive with gap filling properties. Supex 1K PUR adhesive is a very fast setting adhesive. Initial handling strength is achieved within 30 minutes.

Supex 1K PUR adhesive is designed to adhere wood, MDF, fiberboard, particleboard, metal, laminates, stone, ceramic, brick, foam, fiberglass, marble, plasterboard, masonry, rubber, some plastics and many other substrates. This adhesive can be used in edge to edge joints, I- beam joints. It is suitable for bonding tropical wood, sandwich panels. Typical applications in window, door, pillar. It gives an exceptionally high mechanical strength. It is specially designed for exterior weather condition. The adhesive bond is resistance to cold and hot weather conditions. 1K PUR  gives a clear glue line on drying that can be sanded, painted or stained.


  • Easy application, low viscosity
  • High bond strength
  • Fast Curing
  • Water resistant (D4-DIN EN204)
  • Can be used on slightly humid surfaces
  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals


Basis :                                                Polyurethane prepolymer
Curing system :                             Moisture curing
Colour :                                             Light brown
Density :                                           1,10 g/ml ± 0,05 (ASTM D1875)
Viscosity :                                         5000-15000 cp cps at 20°C (Spindle No 4, 12 rpm)
Tack-Free time :                             5-15 min. (23 °C and 50% R.H.) (ASTM C679)
Consumption :                              Approx. 150 ml/m2
Compression time :                    At least 15 min*
Water resistant :                           Excellent (D4-DIN EN204)
Temperature resistance :        -30 °C to +100 °C
Application Temperature :      +5  C to +35  C
* Pressing time depends on ambiance conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) and porousity of the surfaces to be bonded. 

Uses of 1K PUR Adhesive

  • Fixing and gluing wooden elements to other various porous and non-porous elements as wood, metal, concrete, polystyrene foam etc.
  • Furniture and boat production.
  • Fixing of raised flooring layings in combination with mechanical fixtures. 
  • All bonding applications that need a high water resistance.


Do not use at temperatures below +5 °C. The elements to be bonded must be properly clean and free from dust and grease. One of the substrates must be porous to ensure better curing. Moistening the substrates slightly will provide stronger adhesion. Apply the adhesive with a brush as thin film to one or both surfaces and join the parts within 2 minutes (minimum after 2 minutes). Press the elements together at least for 15-20 minutes. Uncured adhesive can be cleaned by acetone.

STORAGE : Being a highly reactive moisture curing system, any water contamination of the container will cause problems. Once opened therefore, the glue should be used up as quickly as possible.

HANDLING: Adhesive is based on diphenyl methane-4, 4-di-isocyanate and is therefore classed as harmful. Wear suitable rubber gloves and eye protective while handling. Keep out of reach of children.

SHELF LIFE: Best before nine months from the date of manufacturing in factory sealed container.

PACKING: 500 g, 30 Kg




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