MS Hybrid Technology combines advantages of Silicone & Polyurethane sealants, also negates the disadvantages of existing adhesive technologies. Hybrid MS polymer is the best technology so far. UV resistant, Solvent-free, fast curing, high strength along with high elongation & flexibility.

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Anagha engineer’s is one of the best online platform to purchase sealants and adhesives. We have many product categories in sealants and adhesives, in which one the demanded category’s products are mentioned below

MS polymer sealant Includes:

  • Bus Body Adhesives & Sealants : it is one-component, high-performance sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. This sealant is free of solvent, silicone
    and isocyanate. Its features includes fast-drying speed and excellent UV, weather and temperature resistance. The adhesion on various substrates is excellent even without the use of primer, and the sealant is paintable with most types of common industrial paints.
  • Mccoy Soudal Fix All High Tack Adhesive : MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant is a highly elastic, high strength sealant and adhesive. Modified silicone polymers (MS Polymers) offer the best all round sealant and adhesive on the market, it excels where elastic construction joints are required. It is odourless, neutral and free of isocyanates. It has excellent primerless adhesion to all materials commonly used in the demanding building, construction and engineering industries. It is ideal where silicone sealants and polyurethane sealants are not suitable
  • Soudal Fix All Crystal Adhesive : Based on MS-Polymers, Soudal Fix All Crystal adhesive is an entirely transparent sealant which can also find use as an adhesive. It undergoes a neutral-curing system and offers excellent elastic properties.
  • Supex All Clear Adhesive / Crystal Clear :  It is one component, moisture curing, high performance hybrid based sealing
    material. Based on MS-Polymers, Supex All Clear bonds most construction and industrial substrates like glass, metal, wood, . It undergoes a neutral-curing system and offers excellent elastic properties.
  • Supex Bond All HT Adhesive : Strong Adhesive like MS Polymer adhesive is gaining wide traction owing to their texture, hybrid nature and ecological friendliness. Supex Bond All HT Adhesive is a superb product that stands out in this market. Free from solvents, isocyanates and water, it is a one-component adhesive and finds application in a wide range of industries.
  • Waterproof joint sealant Supex 603UV :  1- Good mechanical strength. 2- Non-bleeding and crack resistant. 3- No visible stain even on porous substrate. 4- Excellent UV radiation and weather resistance. 5- Permanently flexible & non-shrinkage. 6- Free of isocyanate, solvent, acid and silicone oil. 7- No bubble formation within sealant

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