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Mattress/ Leather/ Foam/ Rexine Bonding with Green Adhesive

One of the standout features of water-based rubber adhesive is its environmental friendliness. Compared to solvent-based adhesives that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and have a higher environmental impact, water-based adhesives are a greener choice. They contribute to reduced emissions and a safer working environment. In conclusion, water-based rubber adhesive is a versatile and eco-friendly

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Name plate bonding

Eliminate fasteners for Name plate fixing Name plate bonding is a better method than fixing with fasteners. In the world of industrial machinery, every component plays a crucial role, and even seemingly small elements like metal name plates or informative plates can have a significant impact. These plates, which bear essential information such as manufacturing

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honeycomb bonding

Bonding solutions for honeycomb sandwich panels

Honeycomb to metal bonding for panels, safety fire doors  Honeycomb to metal bonding with S-7221 In the realm of industrial innovation, adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, durability, and quality of various products. SUPEX 7221, a flexible polyurethane adhesive with exceptional bonding capabilities, is poised to revolutionize industries by replacing conventional

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