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PUR Adheisve Technology

Liquid PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive are reactive moisture curing adhesives known for Strong Bonds and Exceptional Heat, Cold and Moisture-Resistance; this makes liquid PUR adhesive an excellent choice for most difficult to bond, low energy substrates and they perform very well in extreme weather environments. Liquid PUR – One-component Cold Liquid moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives Liquid PUR …

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Advantages of Pufseal, PU foam spray sealant

Pufseal,Polyurethane foam spray vs traditional methods  Pufseal, High Quality Polyurethane foam spray, manufactured in Europe, is available in India. This article discusses about advantages of using PU foam sealant technology over traditional methods.  Polyurethane Foam sealant offers a strong sound, heat and water insulation. It contributes to heat insulation and decreases the heating/cooling costs of …

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Construction Adhesives & Sealants manufacturer in India

Construction sealant definition & functions Construction Sealants are materials that prevent fluids and other substances from passing through surfaces and mechanical joints. Sealants also block air leakage, insects, dust, sound, and heat. There is a wide variety of sealants available in the market and their characteristics differ: they can be weak or strong, flexible or …

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