Windshield Adhesives & Sealants

Windshield / Auto Glass Adhesives & Sealants

This particular application may never have crossed your mind, but using adhesives on windshields is one of the oldest known uses of adhesives in the automotive industry. What started out as a substance that keeps the windshields in place, now does so much more. Windshield adhesive is among the oldest bonding applications known to the automotive industry.

  • Adhesives hold the windshield properly in place and offer support and stability to the vehicle.
  • In the unfortunate event of a crash the windshield remains firm improving the safety of the passengers.
  • The windshield doesn’t detach from the frame of the vehicle under most circumstances.
  • Windshield adhesives must endure changing weather and retain their flexibility at all times.
  • Additionally, the adhesives that come specially designed for the windshield application are made environment-friendly. Thus, these adhesives result in faster processing for both OEM and aftermarket uses.
Windshield Adhesives & Sealants
Windshield Insallation is one of the most prominent use of adhesives.

Types of adhesives for windshields

Windshields were held together by using polyurethane or silicone in the earlier times before new-age windshield sealants were put in use. However, those glueing and sealing techniques soon became out of fashion. With the new technological advancements, smarter adhesives made of silyl modified polymers and modified silane polymers came up. They offer much more than just sealing. They can be used for more than only cars where the requirement is only for bonding and sealing. These adhesives also find themselves used in larger vehicles like buses and agricultural machinery.

Windshield held firm_Anagha Engineers
The winddhield holds still despite the accident, due to the adhesives

Silyl modified polymer windshield adhesives

These grade of sealants come in either one or two-component systems. However, they are easy to apply with the right equipment, even for the simple layman. Silyl modified polymer adhesives do not contain harmful components like isocyanates, halogens or silicones. This technological innovation brings its VOC down to almost zero.
Along with their fast curing properties, the need for a primer to start bonding. Combining all these factors together, we see that using a silyl modified polymer adhesive brings down the overall cost of surface preparation. It also saves on the time required.

Modified silane polymer windscreen adhesives

Silyl modified polymer windshield adhesives could sound like too good a deal to be true. Thus, it is always important to keep other options on the list. Modified silane polymer adhesives are yet another considerably good option. They bond significantly well with wood, plastic, metal and other composite materials. They are also known as MS Polymers. Majorly recommended when the adhesive is put through a wide variety of climates.  It fulfills the requirement to remain flexible.

They are formulated to benefit from the properties of materials such as acrylates, silicone, urethanes and butyl rubber. This makes them suitable for use in windsceen adhesives.They are also easy to apply and have fast curing systems just like silyl modified polymer adhesives.

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