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Which is the best uPVC Door & Window Sealant ?

uPvc Door and Window SealantWhich One is Ideal?


Question to uPvc door manufacturer – What type of sealant do you require ?

Answer : Lowest cost , means lowest cost of the sealant bottle . 

May the customer doesnt even know the quantiy of sealant per bottle .  


If  cost is the criteria for purchasing then should it be lowest cost of sealant bottle OR lowest cost of sealing per DOOR/ WINDOW ? 

   Total cost of sealing per door/window includes:

 – Quantity of sealant used per door

–  labour cost of sealant application

–  repair cost in case it leaks within warranty period

– cost of  ‘loss of reputation’

–  uPvc door and window sealant cost per ml/ gms      


Hence it is important that we choose the right uPVC door and Window sealant.  

There are few popular options to be used as uPVC door sealant. 




Silicone Sealant


Weather Resistance

Inadequate adhesion with surface

Difficulty in finishing, aesthetics

Higher cost

Acrylic Sealant

good adhesion

Finishing easy, aesthetics


Low cost

Low flexibility

not high gap fill ability


Low cost


Cracks with time


High application cost

uPVC door and window Sealant-Key properties required

  • Flexibility, high elongation – does not break under expansion and contraction
  • High Weather and UV Resistance 
  • Good bonding with surface- long life 
  • Paintable
  • Low Cost – product and application cost 
  • High gap filling capability ( upto 6 mm) 
  • Anti mould / anti fungal

Solution :  Supex Premium Sealant 

This is an ideal choice  as uPVC Door and Window Sealant because of the following reasons;
  •  Combines properties of Silicone – High flexibility, weather , UV resistance         and Acrylic – easy finishing, paintable, low cost  
  •  Excellent bonding with uPVC , concrete, Brick, Granite   
  •  Easy application 
  •  Long life Cost – lower than Silicone and  marginally higher than Acrylic sealant
 Application method 
  • Surface must be  free of dust, grime and grease
  • Apply uniform bead of the sealant in the gap
  • Sealant surface may be smoothed with a wet sponge or fingers

Additional Application areas

  • Filling / sealing gaps 
  • Expansion joints between prefabricated building material
  • Installation of Wood, PVC, Iron, Aluminium joinery
  • Joints of all kinds of Building material
  • Seal cracks in walls – Internal and External  

Packing , shelf life

450 gms cartridge  

12 months from Date of manufacture, store in a dry place at around 30 C.

NOTE: Not suitable for glass bonding . Recommend to test the product sample for any applicationbefore using for mass production.



While this may seem a little too technical, it is important to know how sealants and adhesives affect your life. If you want to know more, click the button below to give us a call.


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