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Sustainable Sealants and Adhesives – The Need

Sustainability - The Need Of The Hour

Our world is seeing a population explosion, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Like the famous David Attenborough claims, “If we don’t keep control on our population, nature will have to do it for us.” And now, more and more people are coming to terms with this. Over the past years, we can observe an increased global effort to push for sustainable ways of living. It is time that we begin to come to terms with the fact that the small things which make our lives simpler are, in fact, killing the environment. 

Traditional industries are all making efforts to operate at a more sustainable level. From using plastics to replace sand in concrete to vast innovations in the renewable energy sector, such news truly delights us. Though we are far away from repairing the damage we have done, the rising of this idea has, and will continue to lead us to save our earth.

Some question, is the use of sealants and adhesives truly good for the planet? In this article, we show you how this industry has been at the forefront of sustainable actions. 


We have listed below some of the reasons we claim sealants and adhesives to be sustainable products that don’t hurt the environment:

  • These adhesives and sealants undergo formulation to contain less or no volatile organic compounds that can affect the surrounding environment. It poses no danger during application. The finished product after curing does not emit environmentally-harmful substances even after a couple of years down the line. 
  • Because most sealants and adhesives are one-component systems, they do not require solvents for priming purposes. These so-mentioned solvents tend to have detrimental effects on the environment. The absence of these, therefore, further reduces any form of emissions that can occur. 
  • Rules and regulations towards more sustainable products: Sealant and adhesive manufacturers maintain the strictest of environmental guidelines. These guidelines fall directly in line with the standards placed by governments. For governments, this is a critical area since the lack of strictness could lead to damaging the lives of their country’s people. Nowadays, the strict guidelines from the West regarding the VOC emission limits of chemical products are slowly becoming the norm for the growing markets of the East. 

Sustainability of adhesives

When you take a look at the advantages of these sealants, you can understand that this does not come easy. Two methods can be linked to the sustainability of new-age adhesives and sealant- 

by revamping the existing technologies to suit the standards.

By formulating new and innovative products. 

We can broadly categorize sustainable adhesives into three groups:

  1. Solventless adhesives: Solvents used in the old days did, in fact, contribute their bit to environmental damage. However, the advent of solventless adhesives has revolutionized the market altogether. These adhesives and sealants are intelligently designed by increasing the share of solids in the product. In today’s market, even 100% solid adhesives are available. 
  2. Waterborne adhesives: Water is a splendid alternative to using solvents. Adhesives of this nature require water to act as the carrier material. Water, in fact, also helps in bringing down the overall weight of the adhesive and the possible VOC emissions. Using waterborne adhesives also has the added advantage of minimizing the risk of fire during the time of processing. 
  3. Biobased adhesives: A relatively new form of adhesives, these are formulated using materials such as starch, vegetable oil and proteins, among other materials. By using these biobased raw materials, the question of environmental sustainability does not arise. 

The sealant industry is helping other traditional industries take the first step towards sustainability. With its diverse products and rigorous innovations, sealants and adhesives see a bright future in the sustainable products market. By taking a look at the demand, we at Anagha Engineers have been working to include eco-friendly sealants and adhesives in our product portfolio. You can check out our products below.

We are also striving to build a broader product portfolio that can include the following types of sustainable sealants and adhesives:

  1. Renewable adhesives: These are adhesives similar to bio-based adhesives. Made from plants and beeswax, they are forecasted to be the next significant innovation in the sealant and adhesives industry. A major scoring point for this type is that they contain absolutely no petroleum derivatives. Some of their current applications include bottle labelling and carton sealing.
  2. Recyclable adhesives: The idea of these adhesives is that they can be collected and applied again to use even after their service life is over. By melting these adhesives, you also eliminate any adhesive waste or residue. Generally used in the automotive industry for bonding glass, aluminium and steel, these adhesives also see a rising trend in demand.
  3. Biodegradable adhesives: Commonly seen in paper packaging, these adhesives are incredibly eco-friendly. In a way, once these adhesives degrade, they give back to the environment. No waste is produced, and the adhesives are also bacteria-friendly. Some other applications of these type fo adhesives are in hygiene and medical products. 

In a world slowly trying to move to a sustainable model, the sealant and adhesives industry is at the front with the rest of the innovators. Being responsible for our planet is a core ideal of this industry. At Anagha Engineers, we strive to follow the same.

Do go through our blog page. We write articles to educate the people about how the industry is shaping to making your lives better. Through our YouTube Channel, we bring you insights and bite-sized tutorials on the various applications of sealants. We will be releasing a video soon, about the sustainable adhesives in our portfolio. You can view both pages by selecting from the buttons below. Or better yet, give us feedback! There’s nothing we’d love more.

Do reach out to us in case of any query. Our experts are always available to help you with your sealant needs.

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