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Prevent Rusting & Corrosion

An innovative solution to prevent rusting & corrosion by Anagha Engineers

What Do We Know About Rust Formation?

To prevent rusting we should know why rusting happens. Rust formation on metal surfaces is a common occurrence. In fact, rusting of iron is the first time we approached this topic in schools. Scientific studies have accepted that this phenomenon is a natural obstacle. Thus, it is not a process we can stop. Above all, the logical solution is to clean the surface from rust, apply the right primer. Paint and wait for the painted surface to rust again. For critical applications, engineers use advanced anti-rust coatings in spite of the high costs.

Prevent rusting
Typical rust formation in engineering parts.
Rust Problem _Anagha Engineers
Rust formation creates a loss of crores of rupees every year in damages

Typical challenges faced in popular methods to handle rust particularly include:

  • The process to make sure surfaces and machine parts are rust-free is labour-intensive. Besides, the cost of cleaning rust using sander/ shot blasting is high as well.

  • The high cost of protecting the metal surface after the anti-rust coating is applied.

  • The frequent checking of the painting/ coating to keep a check on the rust formation.

  • Above all, unnecessary attention that is required to protect from rust. Moreover, this  time could be utilized by maintenance engineers for more important engineering requirements.

Could there be a solution to use on the rusted surface, without such that it converts itself into a passive coating which is anti-rusting, permanently? Anagha Engineers has the solution for you.

Prevent Rusting - Our Solution

‘SALVAGE RUST’ is a specially designed water-based emulsion. When applied to the rusted surface, it chemically reacts with the rust and likewise converts it into a passive coating . in other words, This becomes rust proof. Depending upon the degree of rusting over a period of time the coating’s colour changes from brownish to blackish layer. However, for aesthetics/ colour coding, it can be easily painted over. As a result, this passive anti-rusting coating formed further inhibits any future rusting.

Application method

  • Firstly, Clean the surface and make it free from loose rust, oil, dust, loose particles et cetera
  • Next, apply Anagha Salvage rust just as a coating with a paintbrush.
  • Wait for 30 minutes to dry  
  • Finally, apply 2nd coat at 90 degrees to the 1st coat 

Industries where this technology is necessary

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing units 
  • Process plants including Cement, Power, Water treatment, Mines etc
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Lastly, automobile Manufacturing
Rust Formation in Process Plant_Anagha Engineers
Manufacturing plants are highly susceptible to rust
Rust Formation_Anagha Engineers

Areas of Application

  • MS railings, Staircases 
  • All types of MS pipelines including Hydrant, Air et cetera
  • Cable trays
  • External  as well as Internal MS fabricated structures
  • Lastly, any metal structure before painting 

Save your constructs from rust.
Save yourself from losses.