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Expanded Polyurethane for Rodent Control- The Video

Pest control - The PU Foam Solution

Household pests and rodent control has now become an integral part of maintaining the hygiene of your home. We had previously published an article about how PU Foam can work to eliminate this menace. This is our video to show you how the process exactly works. 

Rodents and pests enter our home through the holes and cracks in our walls. Most households usually just hire a pest control company to kill the pests in the house. Then a professional mason comes to seal the holes and cracks in the walls. But this activity needs to be done every few years since the putty and cement used is susceptible to degradation. Water seepage can easily spoil the fillings made in the holes. Also, these holes are never fully closed and pests like cockroaches can still make in through the small gaps. In all, the traditional methods are not suited enough when there are better technologies developed.

So, what could be a good alternative that you can use at home?

We from Anagha Engineers offer to you a simple innovative solution -Supex PUF. The advantage of using PU Foams over putty and cement is that this product is formulated to have self-expanding properties. This expanded polyurethane effectively shapes itself like the dimensions of the hole or crack. Therefore, this eliminated even the smallest of gaps for pests to enter. 

How To Proceed?

Rodent Control_Anagha Engineers
Holes which drain water out of our homes are usually surrounded by rat feces like this.

The picture shows how we determined the presence of rats in the area. It was filled with droppings. The only entry point for the rats was the hole which drains out the water from the washing machine. Furthermore, rats are also known to chew through the plastic tube so that they can enter our homes. 

What did we do?

Expandable polyurethane foam_Anagha Engineers
AE - 100 expandable PU foam - effectively sealing off all the space for pests to enter.

Simple – Use Supex PUF As shown in the video, simply attach the can to the gun. Make sure that it is fitted properly and direct the point of the gun towards the hole. Press the nozzle and you can see how easily the foam extrudes out. Make sure to leave enough space so that the water from the washing machine can drain off. But essentially, the rodent problem is solved!

Using Supex PUF instead of putty for such applications offers the following benefits:

  • It can be sasily applied to small spaces than putty/cement.
  • The expanded polyurethane foam lasts longer.
  • When the work is complete, the excess amounts can be easily cut out and painted over. It will be as if there was no hole/gap in the first place.

Reach out to us in case you are interested to know more. We are always ready to help!

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