Rodent Entry Control_Anagha Engineers

Rodent Control – PU Foam Just Made It Easier!

Rodent Entry Control_Anagha Engineers
Rodent Control - An increasing menace in our homes and daily lives

What does PU Foam offer that putty can't?

How many of you have observed pests running across your kitchen and bathroom despite how cleanly you maintain it? Sometimes, I feel that the cockroaches of today are stronger than they were a decade ago. But they’ve also become just as potent in spreading diseases.

Rodents are also an equally menacing problem. Even in the most exclusive restaurants and shops, you may happen to see a rat scurrying across the room. From the ticks they carry to the faeces they drop, rodents are carriers for over 35 different types of diseases. When pairing this with other common pests, our homes will seem much less hygienic and safer. This makes rodent control a necessity to keep your homes rodent-free.

But maybe the problem isn't the lack of keeping your surroundings clean.

The real problem is that these pests can enter our homes. How are they able to do this? Because there would be some holes in our walls that are not appropriately sealed. They would be tough to spot, but these pests find these holes and crevices enough to enter our homes. These small spaces also act as the perfect resting space for these rodents. Thus, it is much easier for them to enter our homes during the night and rest during the day.

Rodent Entry under sinks_Anagha Engineers
Entry holes under sinks is shown to be a very common entry point for rodents.

Now, using putty or cement to fill these holes was a technique of the past. Frankly, our website puts out articles to show our readers how ineffective and costly using putty or cement can be. Besides looking like an incomplete job, putty/ cement erodes over time and requires to be continuously maintained.

So what do we recommend?

Simple – Use AE – 100 PU Foam! There is no better solution for sealing such small gaps. Since PU Foam self-expands and can shape itself to fit the hole, it leaves no space for the household pests to enter. Apply it in your garage, under your sinks, basement or any place that allows pests to enter. And your basic rodent control measures are done – just like that!

Prevent Rodent Entry_Anagha Engineers
AE - 100 PU Foam - The sealant solution for basic rodent control

How to proceed?

AE – 100 PU Foam can be used by merely moistening the gap first. The water can be sprayed by using a small pipe or a spray to splash the water through the hole. Then take the AE – 100 PU Foam Can that you have and spray it inside the hole. Wait for an hour for the sealant to expand and then cure. Knife off the extruding portions and then you are good to go.

Using AE - 100 PU Foam instead of putty for such applications offers the following benefits:

  • It is easily applicable to small spaces as compared to putty/cement.
  • The expanded sealant lasts longer and does not require frequent checking.
  • When the work is complete, it offers a seamless finish as compared to putty/cement. It will be as if there was no hole/gap in the first place.
  • Using PU Foam is a more cost-effective solution, since putty requires you to hire a professional mason for the work. PU Foam can be applied right from the can. You can apply it yourself with no difficulty.

If you want more clarity on how PU Foams can work as a pest control measure, drop us a message here. Or give us a call and let us show you how you can adopt such applications and turn it into DIY projects.

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