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Gap filling, Sealing, Bonding with PU Foam Spray Sealant

Anagha Engineers specialises in  top-class pu foam spray sealant.  Pu spray sealant can find application in the case of Construction/ industrial demand and also within and around your homes. So we thought, why not list out some of the ways you can use it around the house? So this article will now list out some of the ways to apply PU foam sealant that you may have never thought.

Pest Control with PU Foam spray Sealant

We offer to you a simple innovative solution -Supex PUF. The advantage of using PU Foam sealant over putty and cement is that this product is formulated to have self-expanding properties. This expanded polyurethane effectively shapes itself like the dimensions of the hole or crack. Therefore, this eliminated even the smallest of gaps for pests to enter.  Use Supex PU Foam for the best results. 

Pest Control_Anagha Engineers

Insulating electric boxes with insulating foam spray sealant

Most electrical boxes in India are highly unsafe. Why? Because there is rarely any insulation around it. But what can you do about it? Add some padding behind it using the expanding PU foam. Please use a fire-retardent PU foam spray sealant for this use, however. In Solar projects It is mandatory to seal cable penetrations with Pu foam .

electric insulation
cable sealing supex
gap filling PU Foam

Securing fragile compenents in a Box for transportation with ga filling PUF sealant

We previously wrote an article about how we solved a fragile box being transported from getting damaged due to the lack of innovation. Check it out here.  It is always best when you are not dependant on them to get across your shipment in one piece. But where does PU foam spray sealant fit in the picture? It’s simple, simple encase your material using the expanding properties of the foam!

First, line the box with plastic and fill it up to a third with the foam. Wait for some time so that the foam begins to stiffen just enough to support the material for transport. Line it again with plastic and then set the content inside the box carefully. Use on more plastic layer to cover the material. This allows the foam to separate into two pieces so that you do not face difficulty in removing your content. Remember, you do not need to fill more expansion PU foam spray on the top of the material. This product is expanding and will suitably take care of the content from careless dropping, carrying and transport.

packing fragile components with pu foam sealant
packaging PU expanding Foam spray
Spray foam packaging

QuickFixing your showerhead wth PUF sealant

The daily shower is the best ritual to freshen yourself up, any time of the day. But a wobbly showerhead can turn this ritual into a slightly annoying one. But here, we show you how to use a sealant to fix up this small problem.   

All you have to do is clean the surface of the shower arm and then apply a little PU foam spray sealant around it. Wait for it to cure. Now this shower arm will not move anywhere. Carve off any excess polyurethane foam sealant that may develop after the expansion. Now slide the cover plate to the wall. It’s as simple as that! 

This same trick can also be employed to fix up wobbly pipes around your homes.

fix showehead with pu foam sealant
fix tap with pu foam sealant
pipe sealing with Pu foam sealant

Sealing Split AC Core cut holes with PU foam spray sealant

Builders nowadays make core cut holes for cable,pipes of split ac inside room to be connected with  compresssor machine placed outside. However, the challenge is to seal the core cut holes through with the cables/pipes pass through.

As usual the traditional methods include stuffing solid thermocol, cement with mortar, caulking sealants( without cant fill such high gaps).

Sealing such holes with Pu foam spray sealant is gaining popularity with reputed developers. As this technique becomes popular, regular mechanics will aslo make this can a part of their tool kit. 

core cut hole sealing
ac core cut hole sealing
split ac hole sealed pu foam sealant

Sealing Isolation/ Transition Joints with Polurethane foam – between beam and aac blocks.

 PU FOAM  SEALAN T – 1 component PU, packed in 750 ml can.  Applied using a gun. 

When extruded to fill the gaps/ cracks formed, Supex 100 Gun grade PU foam spray sealant expands to fill the gap effectively and seal the joint. Initially in liquid form, the expansion foam sealant cures upon expansion into a flexible material which can compress and decompress like foam. 

The property to expand and contract is a highly desirable one. The joints can now offer a higher coefficient of linear expansion than that is shown by the rigid mortar technique. This, in turn, further reduces the probability of Beam- wall joint to crack. Another desirable property of the polyurethane foam sealant is that it also provides acoustical, thermal insulation.

Depending upon the requirements of the construction to be made, Supex 100 PU Foam is available in FR and non-FR variant

Beam and rcc wall joint sealing with pu foam sealant
stop seepage from walls

Few More applications of Pu foam spray sealant

  • insulation of chiller pipes in HVAC system
  • Sealing of all Openings in Roof construction, expecially metal roof
  • Fire & Smoke Retardent sealant between wall, Floor and Ceilings
  • Filling free spaces, cracks, gaps, pipe peneratations
  • Back up material to Expansion joints
  • Model making, design patterns etc
  • This product is extremely flammable when dispensing.
  • it is not UV resistant, so avoid direct sunlight exposure. Else cover the cured foam with acrylic/silicone sealant, paint etc.
  • not meant for bulk insulation like coldrooms, serves well as repair agent to fill gaps/cracks.
  • Clean oil, dust and grease off surfaces to be foamed.
  • Make sure to cover surrounding surfaces.
  • Wear appropriate safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing. Consult MSDS for product safety information.

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