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Supex All Clear Adhesive | Crystal Clear Adhesive


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    Supex All Clear Adhesive

    Supex All Clear /  crystal clear Adhesive is one component, moisture curing, high performance hybrid based sealing
    material.Based on MS-Polymers, Supex All Clear bonds most construction and industrial substrates like glass, metal, wood, . It undergoes a neutral-curing system and offers excellent elastic properties. 

    Properties of Supex All Clear

    • Easy application
    • Environment friendly
    • Solvent and isocyanate free
    • Non sag
    • No bubble formation
    • Excellent UV resistance, weathering and aging
    • Exceptional thioxotrophy
    • Resistant to chemicals.
    • High adhesion property
    • Paintable with all types of paints. (including water-based paints)
    • Very good adhesion to most construction materials.

    Technical Information

    Chemical Base:                                  Silane Terminated Polymer
    Specific gravity:                                 1,02 ±0,03 g/cm3
    (ASTM D 1045–86)
    Tack free time:                                   approx. 35 min.
    (25ºC and 50% R.H)
    Shore Hardness:                               35±5
    (ASTM D 53505)
    Elongation at Break:                       300%
    (DIN 53504)
    Modulus :                                            0,8 MPa

    Uses of optically clear transparent adhesive

    This particular crystal clear adhesive finds its application in most construction and building applications. Because of its transparency, it is also preferred for interior bonding of glass and other transparent materials. However, it cannot act as a glazing sealant. Typically, it is recommended to apply in interior bonding and sealing requirements. 

    It can be used for construction industry, both indoors and outdoors as elastic adhesive and sealant;

    • Connection joints of glass and metal structures,
    • Repair of ceramic / mosaic tiles
    • Kitchen and bathroom sealing applications (glass, mirror adhesion applications)
    • Filling of small leaks (under water applications included).
    • Sealing and bonding decorative elements

    Crystal Clear Bonding

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    How To Use Supex glue?

    • It is recommended to use a pneumatic caulking gun; however, you can also do it manually.
    • Take care that the temperature conditions during application of Supex All Clear are maintained between 5 – 35C.
    • Make sure to clean the tools immediately after use before the adhesive gets cured.
    • Apply under standard industrial hygiene.
    • Make sure to not use this adhesive on surfaces which get constantly immersed into water.

    Shelf Life

    Store the product in a cool and dry place. The shelf life is 12 months at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.

    Advantages of Optically Clear Adhesive 

    • Single part adhesive, no mixing required 
    • moisture curing, unlike UV adhesive no special UV lamp required for curing
    • mould resistant – can work in wet environment like kitchen/ bathrooms.
    • MS technology- provides excellent bonding strength
    • paintable


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