Supex Bond All HT Adhesive

MS Polymer Adhesive

MS Polymer adhesive is gaining wide traction owing to their texture, hybrid nature and ecological friendliness. Supex Bond All HT Adhesive is a superb product that stands out in this market. Free from solvents, isocyanates and water, it is a one-component adhesive and finds application in a wide range of industries.

Characteristics of Supex Bond All HT MS Polymer Adhesive

  • Offers flexibility to joints.
  • It has great final strength.
  • Fast and durable initial tack.
  • Bonds on almost all surfaces, even on slightly moist ones.
  • Can be applied on natural stone, which is not possible with most sealants and adhesives.
  • Can be easily painted over by both water and solvent-based paints.
  • Offers permanent elasticity upon full curing.
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance.
  • Does not require a primer for bonding purposes.

Where Can It Be Applied?

  • It finds extensive application in the construction and automotive industry, on materials such as galvanized and stainless steel, aluminium and other metals and natural stone.
  • For interior decor, Supex Bond All HT Adhesive is a perfect choice.
  • Glueing of panels, wooden and plastic elements, frames, doorsteps, windowsills, roofing elements.
  •  It is a good product for use in high and extreme conditions like in marine, shipbuilding industries.
  • Providing adhesive strength in the banking vaults and fitting of cable ducts.

How To Apply Supex Bond All HT Adhesive?

  • Make sure that the support is rigid and kept clean from dust and grease.
  • For supports that are significantly strong absorbents, it is advised to use a primer. For any query, you can drop us an email and we can get back to you.
  • Disperse the adhesive as strips or dots in vertical rows. Since this adhesive cures using the atmospheric humidity, it is recommended to apply the strips parallel to each other. This will allow the humidity to reach the adhesive between the strips.
  • Join the parts to be bonded together immediately after application.
  • Apply sufficient force as this will determine the final bonding strength.
  • Tooling and finishing can be done with a rubber stripper.
  • Clean the tools immediately after use so that it is easier to remove. Once cured, you will have to remove it mechanically by using a stopping knife.
  • Before applying paint over the adhesive, make sure to give it 48 hours for the proper bonding process to happen. After that, clean the surface before applying the coat of paint. However, make sure that the paint you plan to use can be applied over Supex Bond All HT Adhesive
Will MS adhesive work on metal?

Yes, MS adhesive/ Hybrid adhesive / MS Polymer sealant is an excellent glue for metal bonding. 

What is the best glue for metal to metal bonding?

There are various products that work effectively for metal bonding. Are for following features:

  • 1 part adhesive, no mixing 
  • room temperature curing adhesive
  • fast bonding speed, almost like instant adhesive 
  • high strength
  • long life and low cost

Bond all High tack adhesive is the ideal choice for such reequirement for metal bonding.

What is the best construction adhesive for metals?

MS adhesive, Bond all HT adhesive. 

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MS polymer adhesive is called by other names, some of them are…

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