Supex - 501 Premium Paintable Sealant

Supex  501 is a  multipurpose premium paintable sealant for India that on contact to atmosphere forms a durable elastomeric compound. It is a Green Building Product with Zero Percent VOC. 

BENEFITS including:

1.) Firstly, it is odorless and chemically neutral.

2.) Possibility of painting as well as grinding after curing.

3.) In addition, possibility of applying multiple layers after curing

4.) Lastly, exterior as well as  interior applications.

Applications: Supex 501 paintable sealant for India :

SUPEX 501 bonds well on the whole to a wide variety of substrates. Thus, they are absolutely suitable for making permanent elastic seals. These seals are of high adhesive strength.

  • general gap filling and sealing
  • HVAC Duct sealing
  • skirting boards
  • Concrete Expansion joints.
  • In addition, concrete, Granite Joints.
  • Wood, Concrete , Granite,
  • Lastly, aluminum, G I Sheet, M. S. Panel

Application Method​

Surface preparation: First and foremost, clean the  surfaces  dry. It must be free from all traces of grease, oil as well as dust. 

Tooling and Finishing : Tooling and finishing must be carried out within the tack  free time of the sealant. However, other finishing agent or lubricants must be tested for suitability or compatibility.


In the case of uncured sealant, remove it from tools and equipments with Supex Cleaner. Nonetheless, any another suitable solvent can also be used. As soon as it is cured, remove the material mechanically. Most importantly, wash Hands and exposed skin  immediately. Any hand clean towel or a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water can be used. Do not use solvents or petrochemical solvents. 

Note :

As a rule, it must be kept out of reach of children. Ensure no contact with eyes as well as skin. Wash with plenty water in case of contact.

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HVAC Duct Sealing: 

Packaging Details:

450 gms cartridge , 24 cartridges included in a Box 

Colours Available : White as well as Black.

Chemical Resistance

Supex Acrylic sealant is even so resistant to fresh water, seawater, diluted acids and caustic solution, mineral oils, vegetable as well as animal fats and oils.  It is not resistant to organic acids, alcohol, solvents concentrated mineral acids. 

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