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Soudal GEN 750 spray foam gap filler


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    Mccoy Soudal Gen 750

    McCoy Soudal GEN 750 is a special  spray foam gap filler  by which offers excellent features when compared to the other products in the PU Foam market.

    Characteristics of GEN 750

    • Superb mounting capabilities and adhesion to almost all substrates.
    • Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation, thereby making it suitable in a wide range of applications.
    • No shrinkage or post expansion is developed after application, indicating excellent stability of the product.
    • Acts as a perfect filling agent.

    Applications: Mccoy Soudal Gen 750

    GEN 750 is a favourite product in the construction industry because of its wide range of properties which can cater to a large number of applications. Some of the regularly seen uses are listed below:

    • Where gap and cavity filling requirements are present.
    • Sealing applications in roof constructions.
    • Because of acoustical insulation properties, it is extensively used where soundproofing is required.
    • It is the go-to product to use in facilitating better thermal insulation in cooling systems.
    • For joining between insulation materials and roof constructions.

    How To Use GEN 750?

    • Shake the spray Foam gap filler can vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. Connect the adapter to the valve.
    • Use safety goggles and gloves before proceeding to apply the foam.
    • Moisten the surface to be applied to using a water sprinkler.
    • Fill the holes/ cavities up to 50 per cent and allow the foam to self-expand.
    • Make sure that you repeatedly shake the can during the application, to facilitate easy flow out of the can.
    • If it is required to be applied in layers, moisten each layer before applying.
    • Remove the uncured foam using acetone. If it becomes cured, remove using mechanical methods but do not try to burn it away.
    • To protect the cured foam from UV radiation, apply a coat of paint or a layer of UV-resistant sealant.
    • Make sure to follow the standard industrial hygiene practices.
    Where is Mccoy Soudal Gen 750 PU foam spray can available?

    We keep Mccoy Soudal Gen 750 in our stock regularly. This can be shipped anywhere in India at best price. Kindly call us / Whatsapp at +91 9833892782 for quick response.

    Do you provide onsite demo, training on application process of  Soudal Gen 750 PU foam?

    Yes, we have  trained field personnel who can visit you to provide demo, technical discussions, training. 

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    Soudal Gen 750 PU foam spray

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