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Product Description

Expansion joint sealants require a degree of weather resistivity for their successful use in the construction industry. Silirub WSL+ is a superb product dominating this market. With a neutral-cure system, this one-component product offers high elasticity and is used extensively in the facade industry.

Characteristics of Silirub WSL+

Being a specialty product from the McCoy Soudal labs, Silirub WSL+ offers a horde of excellent traits like:

  • Compatibility with secondary sealants which have polysulphide or silicone bases. Thus it finds application in insulating glass units or with laminated glass.
  • Easy to apply and offers permanent elasticity after curing.
  • Superb adhesion to all substrates, especially glass and is also UV-resistant.
  • The sealant offers excellent weathering resistance against extreme climatic conditions like rain, frost, snow, wind and varying temperatures.

Where Can It Be Used?

While being a perfect tool for use in the facade industry, it is most commonly seen to be put to use in the following ways:

  • As a weather seal in curtain wall applications.
  • This sealant finds application in areas where the compatibility with double glazed window units is required.
  • For expansion, perimeter, connection and other movement joints between building materials, Silirub WSL+ is an ideal product to be used.

How To Apply Silirub WSL+

  • Make sure to clean the surface on which the sealant is to be applied. There should be no dust or grease as this can inhibit the adhesive properties.
  • The sealant’s preferred method of application is using a caulking gun. However, due to the full range of materials used in the facade industry, it is recommended that the product undergoes a preliminary compatibility test.
  • Temperature conditions during the time of application should be room temperature conditions.
  • Make sure to clean the gun with spirit immediately after use.
  • Follow the standard industrial hygiene practices during the time of application.
  • This sealant s in natural stones. The preferred product for such applications is the Silirub NS-W.

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