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    Silirub IS, Food grade silicone sealant.

    Silirub IS, Industrial Seal, is a food grade silicone sealant that uses a moisture cure system. It is a high performance moisture cure silicone sealant with outstanding adhesive/sealing properties. Hence it is an essential tool in every critical industrial application. Despite being an industrial product, SIlirub IS is also approved by the FDA and thus can also be used in food preparation and storage environments like restaurants. 

    Characteristics of Silirub IS

    Food grade Silicone Sealant, Silirub IS is a suitable product for most critical industrial applications. Its properties are due to developing the right formula using polysiloxane as its base. With a paste-like consistency, it is also popular because of its skin formation time of under 15 minutes.

    • One-component product with RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) properties
    • Can be applied to both overhead or vertical joints
    • Bonds with almost all surfaces like clean metals, painted surfaces, glasses, ceramics, non-oily woods, cement, plastics and concrete surfaces. Clean metal including chrome, painted surfaces, glasses, ceramics, most plastics, non-oily woods, fibrous cement and concrete surfaces
    • Used on corrosion-prone substances due to its anti-fungal properties
    •  Offers superb weathering & crack resistance, doesn’t crumble or dry out under intense sunlight or UV radiation
    • Silirub IS also has dielectric properties
    • FDA approved (food grade) and thus is applicable in food storage units and restaurants

    Technical Data of FDA Silicone sealant

    fda silicone

    Uses of FDA approved Food Grade Silicone sealant

    • Sealing of lock seams and joints in the ductwork
    • Joining of welds and Fasteners in metal fabrication
    • Application on corrosion sensitive substances like chrome and steel
    • Food-grade environments like food storage units and restaurants
    • Electrical applications
    •  Solar panels
    •  Top Sealing and glazing jobs
    •  Joining together PVC and other plastics with glass.

    How to use Silicone sealant :  

    Method: Manual- or pneumatic caulking gun
    Application temperature: +5°C until +35°C

    • Slice the nozzle at an angle of approx 45 degrees.
    • Fix the nozzle on the cartridge after placing the cartridge in the gun.
    • Apply Silicone sealant,Silirub IS, as a uniform bead on any one substrate and assemble the parts.
    • Cleaning: use Acetone/ MEK  immediately after application and before curing
    • Tooling: with soapy solution before skin formation
    • Soudal sealant, Silirub IS, is a moisture curing product hence seal the unused cartrdige with  a tape to ensure adhesive in tube  doesnt  come in contact with air. Else adhesive will cure, harden and be unfit to use in future

    What is a food grade approved  adhesive & sealant?

    Food grade holds two separate definitions:

    1. It is a material that is safe for human consumption.
    2. It is a material that is suitable to come into direct contact with food products.

    The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), has its own set of complex regulatory  processes that determine whether every additive in a specific food is safe for human consumption. The agency’s procedure includes a long list of steps to take to guarantee food grade status, starting with the identification of the substance, a breakdown of the properties and purity standards for each substance, and the limitations on conditions of use. To know more about food grade sealants reach  us at +91 9833892782 or click here.

    Shelf life and storage:

    12 months from date of manufacturing in unopened packaging stored in a cool and dry place at recommended temperatures between +5°C and +25°.

    Packing Silicone Sealant
    • 280 ml cartridge
    • Colours: Clear, White, Ivory  Silicone sealant
    • 24 cartridges in a Box 
    Weight0.5 kg


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