Silirub Color- Grey, Ivory,Brown


Silirub Color is a neutral cure silicone sealant particularly suitable for interior & exterior sealing applications such as joints, weather sealing, connection Joints
• Telecom Shelters, uPVC Profiles, aluminium fenestration, door & window frames, ACP glass, brick,
concrete, wood
• Building and construction joints
• Top sealing between treated wood and glass and between PVC and glass or aluminium and glass
• Sealing between PVC and glass
• Panel / Perimeter / Project Sealant
• Stays elastic after curing
• Good resistance to UV / ozone / vibration / moisture / airborne pollutants
• Excellent weatherproofing properties
• Easy tooling and soft extrude able properties
• Neutral cure – RTV
• Non slumping, can be used in overhead/vertical joints
• Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates including metals, aluminium, concrete, steel, glass,
wood, stone and masonries
Colours : RAL 8017, 8007, 9001, 9010, Ivory & Grey

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