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Supex 150: Packaging PU Foam Spray

This consists of 2 chemicals: Polyol as well as MDI( Isocyanate) . It is mixed in equal amount and sprayed using a spray gun.  

It is  a Polyether  Polyol  blended  system formulated free from CFC &  HCFC  .  This system particularly is developed for  packaging purpose. It is used along with Supex  Isocyanate. Moreover, can be used on High pressure/low pressure machines. Alongwith excellent flow ability it also provides packaging characteristics

APPLICATION of Packaging PU Foam Spray
  • Firstly, spray the chemical before keeping the component in the Box
  • Place a barrier film after the liquid expands and dries.
  • Put the parts to be packed in the Box
  • Next, lay another barrier film over the parts
  • Lastly, spray the liquid and allow it to  expand and dry.

Components “A” and “B” (isocyanate and polyol resin) are pumped from separate drums, into a specially designed proportioning machine. . The two liquid materials are kept separate until they pass through the machine. They pass through the hoses and out to gun. Here they are finally mixed and sprayed onto the surface.  The SPF is sprayed down as a liquid which quickly rises in seconds. Further, they dry and become walkable on in minutes.

Storage Guidelines :The materials are sensitive to humidity. Unused and half used drums should be tightly sealed and stored in shade area. The shelf life of Polyol is three months from the date of manufacture.

Other important guidelines

 Handling- Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Safety goggles and hand gloves should be used while  using the chemicals.

 Ventilation- The area should be well ventilated.

 Waste Disposal- The final foam and waste is inert. Disposal should be done as per the guidelines   given by local authority.

For small batch production requirements you could use PU foam spray cans ( 750 ml ) 



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