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Mccoy Soudal Silirub PS- Neutral Silicone


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Minimum Order Quantity – 24 bottles
Net Quantity/bottle – 280 ml


Mccoy Soudal Silirub Neutral plus Silicone

Silirub Neutral plus Silicone is a neutral cure silicone sealant, from Mccoy Soudal, which finds application specifically in interior and exterior sealing applications. This includes joints, weather sealing and connection joints, to name a few.

Technical data 

mccoy soudal silirub ps

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Characteristics Of Silirub PS

Mccoy Soudal Silirub PS is a versatile product with a number of desirable properties. Before you purchase this product, going through the characteristics below will give you an idea if Silirub PS is the right product for your requirement.

  • It stays elastic after curing
  • Offers good weathering resistance against external pollution
  • It is easily toolable and has soft extrudable properties
  • It does not slump and hence can be used for overhead, vertical and sidewall applications with ease.
  • It offers excellent adherence to most substrates including steel, concrete, aluminium glass, wood and stone.

Uses of Silirub PS

Some of the most commonly seen applications of this particular sealant are:

  • Telecom shelters, uPVC profiles, door and window frames, ACP glass, aluminium fenestration.
  • Building and construction joints
  • Top sealing between the treated wood and glass or between other surfaces. Some of the readily seen applications are between PVC and glass or aluminium and glass.
  • Sealing between PVC and glass

How to Apply Silirub PS

  • Make sure to use a caulking gun for the application of Silirub PS
  • It should be applied at room temperature, without exceeding a maximum of 35oC
  • Clean the surface with spirit and make sure to remove dirt and dust particles carefully.
  • Remember to not apply this sealant on PVB-films or double glass windows. In case that is your requirement, check out Silirub WSL+.
  • Do not apply this on natural stone as it will not adhere as well. Use Silirub NS-W for the same.
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