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Supex 603UV Joint Sealant


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    Waterproofing MS Joint Sealant at Best price in India: Supex 603UV, 

    Supex 603UV- MS joint sealant at price in India, is based upon hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. It is an odourless, one part adhesive sealant suitable for all kind of industrial applications even in adverse conditions. 603UV has high bond strength and primer less adhesion on most type of substrates or moist surfaces. 603UV is paintable, compatible with most kind of paints and has superior weatherability in all climates. It has a wide temperature range and will not form bubble within sealant even in a high humidity condition. Supex 603UV is an ideal product for all in one indoor and outdoor bonding and sealing purposes.

    • Good mechanical strength
    • Non-bleeding and crack resistant
    • No visible stain even on porous substrate
    • Excellent UV radiation and weather resistance
    • Permanently flexible & non-shrinkage
    • Free of isocyanate, solvent, acid and silicone oil
    • No bubble formation within sealant
    • Primer less adhesion on most substrates
    • Can be applied on damp surface
    • Fungus is not easily grow on sealant
    • Paintable with all types of paints 

    Properties | Supex 603 UV

    • Chemical Base                                        :  Silane Terminated Polymer
    • Specific gravity (ASTM D 1045–86) :   1,38±0,03 g/cm3
    • Tack free time (25ºC and 50% R.H):   10-15 min 
    • Shore Hardness (ASTM D 53505):        35±5
    •  Elongation at break(%) (DIN 53504):  > 400
    •  Tensile strength(MPa):                             > 1,50

    Curing time:
    Supex 603uv waterproofing  sealant skin formation in approximately 15 minutes and it will cure to a depth of 10 mm in 7 days. Longer curing time may be necessary in dry and low humidity area.

    Waterproof Joint Sealant Supex 603uv is paintable with water based paints, however due to large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application. Paints based on alkyd resins may have extended drying time.

    Chemical resistance:
    Good resistance to water, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis.
    Poor resistance to concentrated acids and alkaline solutions, organic solvents, and halogenated hydrocarbons.

    Clean up
    Excess sealant can be removed with mineral spirit and cleaning solvent before cured. After curing, Supex 603UV may only be removed mechanically.

    Supex 603UV is not suitable for the following applications:

    • PE, PP, PTFE, plastics containing softeners, and bituminous substrates
    • Structural glazing

    Packaging: 290 ml cartridges – 24 per cartoon ,          600 ml sausages – 20 per carton
    Colour: White, grey and black, other colours upon request.   

    MS Joint sealant at best price in India

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    Uses of Supex 603UV MS waterproofing Sealant:

    Supex 603UV waterproofing MS joint sealant is suitable for mounting and pasting of materials such as metal, aluminium, glass, plastic, wood and concrete with each other.
    It can be used for construction industry, both indoors and outdoors as an elastic adhesive;

    • Insulation of window and door elements,
    • Connection joints of wood and metal structures,
    •  Installation and insulation of facade elements,
    • Kitchen and bathroom sealing applications,
    • Building facades,
    • Roof constructions,
    • Concrete joints

    Supex 603UV waterproofing joint sealant is specially developed as a universal sealant for sealing building connection and expansion joint on most building materials such as concrete, brickwork, aluminium, stainless / mild or galvanized steel, door or metal frames, and ceramics. It’s also suitable for sealing and bonding in automotive industry, cold storage & clean room. 

     603UV is used in original construction and for repairs that are subject to structural movement: Expansion and Control Joints, Perimeter Caulk Joints, Entry Way Steps, Precast Concrete Panel Joints, Copings, Risers and Tilt Wall Joints, Bunker Silos, Septic Tanks and Manure Pits.

    How to use MS Polymer Sealant:

    • Substrates must be clean, dry and free from grease. Remove all dirt, oil, grease, detergents and loose material.
    • The joint edges can be masked with tape to prevent contamination of adjacent substrates. The tape should be removed carefully after tooling.
    • Cut tip off cartridge. Cut nozzle to desired size at 45°angle. Screw nozzle onto cartridge. Place cartridge into caulking gun.
    • Extrude the sealant firmly into joint to ensure complete contact with joint faces.
    • Tool as required within the tooling time to achieve smooth surface. 
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