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High Strength Epoxy Adhesive- Lapox Ultra



    High Strength Epoxy Adhesive

    Lapox  Ultra, high strength epoxy adhesive, is  two  component  modified,  viscous  epoxy  adhesive  system.  When  both  components are mixed  in recommended ratios  and  cured  appropriately  at room temperature,  an  excellent  bond strength  can be  achieved  with  most  of  the  substrates  including  glass,  metals,  laminates,  wood, textile  and  natural  stones.  Faster  productivity  can  be  achieved,  if  curing  is  performed  at  higher temperature  between  40°C  and  60°C.  Curing  at  higher  temperature  is  recommended  to  achieve optimum bond strength.

    Applications :

    • Artificial jewellery and jewel stone fixing
    • Automobile components
    • Ceramic works
    • Construction
    • Electrical components
    • General engineering components
    • Souvenirs and handicrafts
    • Sports goods

    Advantages :

    • Adequate pot life
    • Excellent electrical insulation properties
    • High bond strength
    • High mechanical strength even in dynamic conditions
    • Thermally stable and suitable to perform in extreme conditions
    • Water and chemical resistant 

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    Storage And Handling :
    High Strength Epoxy Adhesive should be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably ina sealed container and should not  be  exposed  to  direct  sunlight.  This  product  has  a  shelf  life  of  two  years,  if  stored  in  its  original container between 2°C and 40°C away from humidity and excessive heat.

    Safety :
    Wear  personal  protective  equipment  (PPE).  Avoid  contact  with the  eyes  and  skin.  In  case  of  direct contact  and  irritation,  it  should  be  washed  off  immediately  with  soap  and  warm  water.  Avoid breathing  vapours,  mist  or  gas.  Please  refer  to  the  Safety  Data  Sheet  (SDS)  of  Lapox  Ultra  for detailed safety instructions.

    Spills and Disposal :
    In  case  of  spills, sweep  up  and  shovel the  spilled material. Keep  spilled material in suitable, closed containers  for  disposal.  Soak  up  with  an  absorbent  such  as  clay,  sand  or  other  suitable  material. Flush area with water to remove trace residue. Do not allow the product to reach the sewage system. Waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state or local regulations, as applicable.


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