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Product Description

GEN 750 is a special polyurethane foam formulated by McCoy Soudal which offers excellent features when compared to the other products in the PU Foam market.

Characteristics of GEN 750

  • Superb mounting capabilities and adhesion to almost all substrates.
  • Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation, thereby making it suitable in a wide range of applications.
  • No shrinkage or post expansion is developed after application, indicating excellent stability of the product.
  • Acts as a perfect filling agent.

Where Can It Be Used?

GEN 750 is a favourite product in the construction industry because of its wide range of properties which can cater to a large number of applications. Some of the regularly seen uses are listed below:

  • Where gap and cavity filling requirements are present.
  • Sealing applications in roof constructions.
  • Because of acoustical insulation properties, it is extensively used where soundproofing is required.
  • It is the go-to product to use in facilitating better thermal insulation in cooling systems.
  • For joining between insulation materials and roof constructions.

How To Use GEN 750?

  • Shake the PU Foam can vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. Connect the adapter to the valve.
  • Use safety goggles and gloves before proceeding to apply the foam.
  • Moisten the surface to be applied to using a water sprinkler.
  • Fill the holes/ cavities up to 50 per cent and allow the foam to self-expand.
  • Make sure that you repeatedly shake the can during the application, to facilitate easy flow out of the can.
  • If it is required to be applied in layers, moisten each layer before applying.
  • Remove the uncured foam using acetone. If it becomes cured, remove using mechanical methods but do not try to burn it away.
  • To protect the cured foam from UV radiation, apply a coat of paint or a layer of UV-resistant sealant.
  • Make sure to follow the standard industrial hygiene practices.

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