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Product Description

Sometimes, sealants can lose their functional properties under extreme conditions like varying temperature conditions, severe chemical attacks et cetera. So, from the McCoy Soudal labs comes a specialised product – Gasketseal. This product is a permanently elastic, one component sealant with a silicone base that can retain its elasticity even at extremely high temperatures.

Characteristics of Gasketseal

  • Applicable to almost all surfaces.
  • Gasketseal can resist temperatures of up to 280oC and remains completely elastic within this temperature range.

Where Can It Be Used?

Gasketseal finds use in a range of areas that are regularly exposed to high temperatures and yet, need to maintain their functionality. Some of these applications include:
  • For the sealing between metal parts.
  • It is an essential product to use during the creation of gaskets that need to be heat resistant.
  • Finds large use in heating systems and kitchen machinery where heat resistant sealing is a very crucial affair.
  • Gaskets in pumps and motors also require the use of a heat sealing sealant.

How To Use Gasketseal sealant?

  • Take care to follow the standard industrial hygienic procedures during the application of the sealant.
  • Clean the surface before application. This sealant does not need a primer before applying on a non-porous surface.
  • Use a caulking gun for optimal delivery of the sealant.
  • Take care that the temperature of the surroundings does not exceed 35oC as the sealant has a moisture curing system.
  • Clean the gun immediately after use with white spirit. Take care that it should be done before the sealant cures after which, you have to remove the sealant mechanically.
  • Finish the application by applying soapy water before the skin formation over the sealant takes place.
  • Due to the acetic character of the sealant, some metals such as copper and lead can undergo chemical attack. Therefore, we recommend that a preliminary compatibility test should take place before you proceed with using Gasketseal.

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