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Supex PU 75 Auto Glass PU Sealant



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  • Primerless bonding for windscreen repairs
  • Forms flexible seal
  • Weatherproof seal
  • Good UV resistance
  • Fast curing with good green strength

A moisture-cured, high modulus polyurethane sealant formulated for windscreen bonding applications. It has high green strength and excellent resistance against weathering and temperature extremes. It is solvent-free and will not shrink after curing.

Specially formulated for windscreen bonding applications. Suitable for glass bonding in trains and coachwork.

Supex PU 75 windscreen sealant

Supex PU 75 is a primerless auto glass sealant for automotive glazing applications. It has high green strength and excellent resistance against weathering and temperature extremes. It will not shrink after curing.

Supex PU 75 is a one-component, medium-modulus polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity. It possesses excellent adhesion to all typical construction materials such as cement based materials, brick, ceramic, glass, wood, galvanized and painted sheet iron and various plastics.


  • Possesses permanent elasticity
  • No sagging – Thixotropic
  • No surface tackiness after full cure. Does not pick up dirt
  • No shrinkage
  • Can be applied with hand gun and tooled easily
  • Paintable


  • Used for bonding various construction materials and as sealing joint
  • Primerless bonding for windscreen repairs, auto glass PU sealant
auto glass pu sealant

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INSTRUCTIONS for using windscreen sealant

  • Before application, be sure that joint surfaces are clean, dry and free of all contamination
  • Apply glass sealant evenly, If necessary, use masking tape and remove the tape while the sealant is still soft
  • Joint width/depth ratio should be 2:1 (Table 1)
  • If necessary, use back up material to adjust joint depth
  • Sealants should adhere to only two surfaces of the joint: Use backer rods and bond breakers to facilitateS

Storage & Shelf life

12 months if stored in its original package, away from direct sunlight and moisture, between +10 ⁰C and +25 ⁰C.


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Dimensions6 × 6 × 14 cm