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Net Quantity/bottle – 750 ml


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Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant is a high-yield, durable polyurethane foam formulated specifically for mounting and filling applications. It can harden within hours and reach a cuttable semi-flexible form by reacting with the humidity in the air. Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant also enables  heat  and  sound   insulation,  prevents energy loss. Some of the industries where it is frequently used include:

  • Construction: Fitting Door frames, window frame gaps, sealing tie rod holes/joints, the gap between bricks and  beam, bonding AAC blocks
  • Power plants: For sealing the gaps between cable and wires, gaps between electric panel outlet.
  • Solar Plants: For sealing the spaces between cable and wires.
  • Interiors: For gap filling purposes.

Characteristics of Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant

  • Controlled expansion – does not apply excessive pressure on surfaces, does not bend frames.
  • Excellent stability – does not shrink.
  • Does not sag on vertical surfaces.
  • Semi -flexible, can be shaped manually n ease without the need of cutting.
  • Adheres strongly on building materials.
  • Sticking and blockage resistant guaranteed valve.
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as + 5°C.

Application Areas

Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant is the right solution for the following applications:

  • Fixing window and door frames to walls.
  • Panel, painting, air conditioning and air vents mounting applications.
  • Bonding and insulation applications on common building materials.


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Technical Data Sheet

Surface Preparation

  • Application surfaces must be clean and dry and not contain oil, rust and loose parts.
  • Slightly  wetting  the surfaces  might increase  performance of  foam and make it dry faster.
  • The surrounding of application areas where foam shall not be applied may be covered for protection purpose.

Method of Application

The steps to apply Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant are quite simple, really. You just have to follow the steps below:

  • Bring Anagha PU Foam Spray can to room temperature.

  • Ambient temperature should be +10°C to +40°C.

  • Shake the can vigorously before attaching the straw. Attach the straw to the valve by twisting.

  • While the can is upside down, press the trigger for the foam to come out.

  • Since the PU foam would expand, fill the gaps partially.

  • Gaps that are large should be filled in two layers and top of foam should be wetted.

  • Continue to shake the can from time to time during application. Leave  the  straw  for  the  next application,  otherwise clean  the valve with a solvent like acetone.

  • Fresh foam can be cleaned with foam  cleaner or a solvent-like acetone.

Precautions to take before application

  • Use with proper ventilation. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.
  • If contact with skin occurs, rinse with warm water.
  • If Anagha PU Foam Spray Sealant gets into the eye, keep it open and rinse thoroughly. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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