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Soudal Acrylic Sealant-Acryrub Pro


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    McCoy Soudal Acryrub Pro acrylic sealant is a high-quality plasto-elastic joint sealants created using an acrylic base. It is a one-component product and is readily applicable to almost all surfaces.

    Characteristics of Mccoy Soudal Acryrub Pro

    Mccoy Soudal Acryrub Pro is ideal for use in indoor applications. Some of its most salient features include:

    • Easy to apply.
    • It is colourfast and offers waterproof properties after curing.
    • Excellent adhesion properties are observed upon application on porous surfaces and aluminium.
    • It can be easily painted over once the curing is complete.

    Where Can Acryrub Pro Be Used?

    Acryrub Pro acrylic sealant is generally found to be put to use in the type of surfaces mentioned below:

    • Joints which should be able to accommodate movement of up to 15 per cent.
    • In connection, joints found in the building industry.
    • For indoor sealing applications like between windowsills, brickwork etc

    While this particular sealant is applicable on almost all types of porous surfaces, we recommend that you do a preliminary compatibility test before you proceed. Make sure to first clean the surface of application of all dust and grease.

    How to Apply Acryrub Pro

    • Use a handheld or pneumatic caulking gun for the correct application of this sealant.
    • It should be taken care to apply Acryrub Pro during room temperature conditions. This allows for curing to take place at its best rate. Application during rainy or frosty conditions is inadvisable as it will inhibit the curing process.
    • Uncured sealant can be removed from the tools using water. However, the cured product will have to be removed using a mechanical approach.
    • Take cure to apply the sealant under the standard industrial application hygiene.
    • Do not use it on surfaces that will be exposed continuously to water immersion scenarios.

    Shelf Life and Packaging:

    • Shelf-life of up to 12 months from the date of manufacture is guaranteed.
    • The product comes in a white cartridge packaging of 450 gms

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