Supex 500 Paintable Acrylic Sealant

Supex  500 paintable acrylic sealant in Inda is a  multipurpose non-sag paintable Acrylic sealant manufactured by Anagha Engineers. It is available at best price in Mumbai & across India.  On exposure to atmosphere, Supex 500 forms a durable elastomeric compound. A Green Building Product with Zero Percent VOC. It is a universal, one-component plasto-elastic acrylic adhesive sealant, curing by evaporation of water from the mass.


  • Odorless and chemically neutral
  • possibility of painting and grinding after curing
  • possibility of applying multiple layers after curing
  • exterior and interior applications

Applications of Paintable acrylic sealant in India

What is acrylic sealant used for? 

Paintablle Acrylic sealant India, SUPEX 500 bonds well to a wide variety of substrates and are suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength. This acrylic Water based sealant is paintable, flexible. Acrylic sealant price is lesser than GP silicones.

  • Gap of UPVC, PVC Joints.
  • HVAC Duct sealing
  • External and internal crack filler
  • Walls and ceilings.
  • skirting boards
  • Concrete Expansion joints.
  • Concrete, Granite Joints.
  • Wood, Concrete, Granite,
  • Aluminum, G I Sheet, M. S. Panel,
  • Machinery Surface, Tiles , Coating,
  • POP, U.B. Coat.

Application Method

Acrylic Paintable Sealant India. Surface preparation: Clean the  surfaces  dry and free from all traces of grease, oil and dust. 

Tooling and FinishingTooling and finishing must be carried out within the tack  free time of the sealant. Other finishing agent or lubricants must be tested for suitability/compatibility.


Remove Uncured  Sealant from tools and equipments with Supex Cleaner or another suitable solvent. Once cured, remove the material mechanically. Wash Hands and exposed skin  immediately using any hand clean towel or a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water. Do not use solvents or petrochemical solvents.

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Packaging Details
450 and 500 gms cartridge , 24 cartridges in a Box  Acrylic sealant price can be reduced furthar in 20 Kg pail packing.
Colours Available : White, & Black 

Chemical Resistance

Supex Acrylic sealant is resistant to fresh water, seawater, diluted acids and caustic solution, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils.  It is not resistant to organic acids, alcohol, solvents concentrated mineral acids. 

What is a paintable acrylic sealant?

Acrylic sealant is a synthetic, water-based ingredient made from acrylic resins, used for sealing, jointing and filling cracks and gaps in the construction and HVAC industry.

What is its purpose of paintable acrylic sealant?

Acrylic sealant provides protection to various surfaces from dust and insects that may come through that gap. Its main characteristic is that it stays flexible even after you paint it which makes it essential for joint filling in construction, as when it is cured it becomes like rubber in terms of quality and building joints need to have the ability to move at some point. Also, the fact that it is an over paintable material makes acrylic sealant ideal for interior and exterior application.

Where to apply acrylic sealant?

Acrylic sealant can be applied to different materials both indoors and outdoors, as it is resistant to moisture and low or high temperature. Materials can be: wood, concrete, plastic, brick, glass, or metal. Some examples of areas that acrylic sealant being used are: doorframes, windows, building joints and on sanitary ware. Acrylic sealant can also be also used for sealing the joints  

Where is Supex paintable Acrylic sealant available in India?

Supex 500 Acrylic paintable sealant is easily available in India through our distribution network. Supex 500 paintable sealant can reach your site at lowest cost everywhere including major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore and etc.  

How to apply paintable acrylic sealant?

Anagha Engineers provides  onsite demo, application training for users. We also provide semi automatic pneumatic battery operated guns for faster productivity and lower consumption.

Can Supex Acrylic Sealant be used for waterproofing?

Acrylic sealants are meant to seal / fill gaps . After curing( drying ) of the sealant , it can resist rain water from entering through door/window gaps , also stops leakages of air, water, fluid etc through joints. However this is not a waterproofing agent or chemical.

Is acrylic sealant paintable?
Acrylic sealant offers some advantages over the silicone. So is paintable acrylic and can be used by working environment for cracks in masonry, which is unheard of with silicone. Acrylic is ideal for applications where no contact or little contact with water.
What is duct sealant?

Duct sealant is a soft compound often likened to dough. Although duct sealant is designed to repel moisture, it is primarily used to seal air leaks, rather than plumbing leaks. Thus, it has somewhat limited plumbing applications, and is more frequently used to repair air ducts and for other HVAC or electrical purposes

What is the best filler for wall cracks?
Acrylic  this is flexible acrylic sealant , and the best thing to use for filling any gaps that may appear between your skirting board and wall, your doorframe and the wall, or at the edges of shelves that are going to be painted.

Acrylic vs silicone sealant

Acrylic or silicone sealants look very similar in texture and appearance. Sealants primary purpose is to fill gaps. Whether we use acrylic or silicone, depends on several factors.
1. What is an acrylic sealant and what is a  silicone sealant

silicone and acrylic are similar in nature and in the cured state are rubbery, so can we distinguish between the two . Acrylic is matte and  silicone glossy. 

supex 500 acrylic paintable sealant

Acrylic sealant                          Silicone sealant

2. applications of silicone and acrylic

Silicone has good elastic property and preferred in areas with joint movement. Anti fungal silicone  is used in bathroom and kitchen  Silicone is permanently elastic and therefore best suited for joints in the bathroom, kitchen and expansion joints. 
– Expansion joints and connection joints in sanitary areas
– Sealing of expansion joints in the floor area and wall area

Acrylic is a plastoelastic sealant that offers some advantages over the silicone. It is paintable and can be used  for cracks in masonry, which is unheard of with silicone. Acrylic is ideal for applications where no contact or little contact with water.  The acrylic sealant keeps really well on plaster, walls,  wood and plaster.
– Strain and connection joints  in interior design
– Joints and connections to concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, plasterboard, fiber cement, shutter boxes, window sills, etc.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic and silicone
An important advantage is that you can paint over acrylic, has low/no odour.

Disadvantage is that it can not be used in damp places, otherwise you might get mold. Acrylic also draws dust and dirt as it is coarser in structure than silicone. Acrylic has a volume shrinkage during curing  since.

With  silicone  disadvantage is the silicone is not paintable, low cost GP grade has volume shrinkage, strong odour. Advantage, however, is that silicone is permanently elastic silicone as a sealant. 

4. Application of acrylic and silicone
Acrylic and silicone are both dispensed with a caulking gun, battery operated gun or pneumatic gun. They are available in cartridges or sausages.

Technical data sheet


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