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Supex 1K PUR is a single component ready to use moisture curing polyurethane adhesive with gap filling properties that is designed to adhere wood, MDF, fiberboard, particleboard, metal, laminates, stone, ceramic, brick, foam, fiberglass, marble, plasterboard, masonry, rubber, some plastics and many other substrates. This adhesive is a very fast setting adhesive. Initial handling strength is achieved within 30 minutes. Supex 1K PUR adhesive can be used in edge to edge joints, I- beam joints. It is suitable for bonding tropical wood, sandwich panels. Typical applications in window, door, pillar. It gives an exceptionally high mechanical strength. Supex 1K PUR is specially designed for exterior weather condition. The adhesive bond is resistant to cold and hot weather conditions.

Supex 7221 is a 1k PUR adhesive to bond laminates, glass wool, wood, metal for produce panels, fore doors etc.

Anagha ASF LLP specializes in niche technologies like PURs, water based rubber adhesives, MS polymers, instant grab adhesives, acrylics, silicones, PU foam spray sealants, Polyurethane sealants.

We are a technology enabled organization, solving customers problems using our adhesives & sealants. We endeavour to improve quality, reliability of assemblies while reducing costs.  We also specialize in automating application process to reduce cycle time, consistency of application, reduction of glue applied.

To make adhesives buying easy we have displayed our products on this page. Few of them can be bought from this website directly, for others you can reach us at 18001214771.  We sell all the types of 1k PUR adhesive, Sealants (GP silicones , acrylic, polyurethane sealant etc ) online from Mumbai to all over India.

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