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Polyurethane Foam – Some Uncommon Applications

Anagha Engineers specialises in the manufacture and sales of top-class polyurethane foam. The reason why we feature PU Foams as our flagship product is because of its extensive applicability in your daily sealant requirements. PU foams can find application in the case of both industrial demand and also within and around your homes. So we thought, why not list out some of the ways you can use it around the house? So this article will now list out some of the ways to apply PU foam that you may have never thought.

Pest Control -
The Anagha Engineers Way

Traditional plugging of holes may be an elegant way to prevent the infiltration of air. But this sol does not quite work that well with the common household pest. It is not a difficult job for today’s pests to chew their way through the traditional expanding foam. But this is where PU Foam is different. The formulation of this product is such that mice and insects will say away from the expanded foam. So remember to purchase PU foams that have pest-resistant properties on the label. Suffer no more from frequent pest and rodent control measures. Use Anagha AE-100 PU Foam for the best results!

Polyurethane Foam for Pest Control_Anagha Engineers
Polyurethane foams are innovative and long-lasting for pest control applications

Fixing your showerhead -
No more hassle!

The daily shower is the best ritual to freshen yourself up, any tie fo the day. But a wobbly showerhead can turn this ritual into a slightly annoying one. But here, we show you how to use a sealant to fix up this small problem.

All you have to do is clean the surface of the shower arm and then apply a little expanding foam around it. Wait for it to cure. Now this shower arm will not move anywhere. Carve off any excess sealant that may develop after the expansion. Now slide the cover plate to the wall. It’s as simple as that! 

This same trick can also be employed to fix up wobbly pipes around your homes.

Bathroom fittings will always be held together better with polyurethane foam sealants.

Safely transporting your possessions-
Simple as a breeze.

We previously wrote an article about how we solved a freight transport from getting damaged due to the lack of innovation. Check it out here. But as a customer, we advise you to not rely on the shipping company to take care of your goods. It is always best when you are not dependant on them to get across your shipment in one piece. But where does PU foam fit in the picture? It’s simple, simple encase your material using the expanding properties of the foam!

First, line the box with plastic and fill it up to a third with the foam. Wait for some time so that the foam begins to stiffen just enough to support the material for transport. Line it again with plastic and then set the content inside the box carefully. Use on more plastic layer to cover the material. This allows the foam to separate into two pieces so that you do not face difficulty in removing your content. Remember, you do not need to fill more PU foam on the top of the material. This product is expanding and will suitably take care of the content from careless dropping, carrying and transport. 

Safe packaging was a myth until polyurethane foam came into the picture

Fixing doors and windows -
No more a job for the carpenter

The most common use of PU foams is in sealing windows and doors. We have extensively covered this topic and have also created simple DIY videos for you too. But it is common to have the jamb pushed inwards, making the window/ door impossible to open. How can you take care of this? Use minimal expanding PU foam. Such products are designed to expand within the space where it is filled without excess expansion. Such specific products will have the marks on the label itself so that you buy precisely for your requirement. If needed, you will only have to add another layer of foam over the previous layer. 

Door fitting_Anagha Engineers
Easily fix up your doors/ windows using polyurethane foam

Insulating electric boxes -
Safety always comes first

Most electrical boxes in India are highly unsafe. Why? Because there is rarely any insulation around it. But what can you do about it? Add some padding behind it using the expanding PU foam. Please use a fire-resistant PU foam for this use, however. 

Safe Electrical Fittings_Anagha Engineers
Electric boxes and wires remain completely safe and insulated after using polyurethane foam

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