Packaging -
An essential component to keep cargo
intact during transit

A solution for safe packaging of cargo during transit by Anagha Engineers

The Problem

The cargo and freight industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. It is the basic need for any business to be able to ship its products if it has any plans to scale up. It is also an industry that plays a significant role in the average person’s life. Families and friends do not look at the costs involved when it comes to sending things for their loved ones back home.

But it is also essential for the freight industry to make sure that these shipments, from both businesses and people, arrive at the destination in the same condition that it is shipped. This, unfortunately, is not the case more often than not. It is almost expected that fragile material which is sent for cargo will not be delivered in one piece.

Cargo Freight_Anagha Engineers
The cargo industry is one that thrives and helps others scale up their businesses.
Unreliable packaging_Anagha Engineers
When right packaging techniques are not used.
Improper Packaging_Anagha Engineers
Due to improper packaging, the deliverables mostly look like this at the end

The fragile and sensitive packages which are generally shipped include glassware, machined parts, artistic creations, paintings etc. The standard practice is to stuff the empty space of the shipping box with paper shreds or air bubble packs. Despite all the precautions and best practices used to pack sensitive components in a carton, there are numerous instances of parts being damaged in transit. So what could be a cost-effective method of protecting the fragile components during transit?

The Solution : Spray Packing Foam

Spray packing foam is a liquid polyurethane that is available in spray cans. The polyurethane becomes a semi-hard foam when it is exposed to air. This foam is thus, an excellent product for packaging odd-shaped or fragile objects for shipping because it conforms itself to the object’s shape and size to absorb a great deal of shock. Spray packaging foam is also significantly lighter, even after it has solidified; thus, shipping costs do not vary at all. Spray foam is available in kits, making it easy to use at home.


The protection completely covers the freight and shapes itself around it.

Superior shock absorption and extremely lightweight!
Shipping costs don’t change!

Process of Application

  • Put on safety goggles and rubber gloves.
  • Use a heavy-duty plastic bag in the bottom
    of a cardboard shipping box.
  • Spread the bag open such that it covers the
    entire bottom of the box. The top edge of
    the bag should fall along the outer side of
    the bag.
  • Spray the PUF using the nozzle attached to
    the tip of the spray can.
  • Spray the foam as per the size into the
    bottom of the bag to fill almost 1/4 of the
    box’s height.
  • Pull the edges of the plastic bag up over the
    foam. Fold it at the top. This is to cover the
    foam completely.
Effective Packaging Using PU Foam
Spray foam packaging
  • Place the object meant for shipment on top
    of the foam-filled plastic bag.
  • The foam will continue to expand by itself
    up and around the item.
  • Place another heavy-duty plastic bag on top
    of the shipment item. Spread the bag. This
    makes it easier to spray foam into the bag.
  • Spray enough spray foam to fill
    approximately 1/4 of the box’s height. You
    can also fill about the same amount as you
    sprayed into the first bag.
  • Fold the top bag above the second batch of
    spray foam so that it is contained and seal
    the box.

Your package is ready for shipment.

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