Honeycomb to metal bonding for panels, safety fire doors 

Honeycomb to metal bonding with S-7221

In the realm of industrial innovation, adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, durability, and quality of various products. SUPEX 7221, a flexible polyurethane adhesive with exceptional bonding capabilities, is poised to revolutionize industries by replacing conventional adhesives. From manufacturing and construction to automotive and beyond, let’s explore how SUPEX 7221 is reshaping diverse sectors with its versatile applications.

Manufacturing Marvels

In the manufacturing sector, precision and reliability are paramount. SUPEX 7221 rises to the occasion by providing a reliable bond between different substrates like steel, plastic, and aluminum surfaces. This adhesive’s flexibility and strength make it ideal for producing intricate machinery components. Its moisture-curing properties ensure rapid adhesion, accelerating production timelines without compromising on quality.

Construction Advancements

The construction industry demands durable solutions to withstand the test of time. SUPEX 7221 finds its place in construction projects by bonding materials such as timber, polystyrene foam, and mineral wool. It ensures a robust connection, promoting energy efficiency and structural integrity. Whether it’s exterior insulation or interior paneling, this adhesive streamlines construction processes and enhances the overall sustainability of buildings.

Furniture and Interior Design

SUPEX 7221 has a significant impact on the world of furniture production and interior design. Traditional wood adhesives can be replaced with SUPEX 7221 for timber bonding. The adhesive’s ability to securely bond wood, plastic, and even paper honeycomb opens up creative possibilities for designers and manufacturers. Furniture pieces assembled with SUPEX 7221 boast exceptional durability, elevating their quality and longevity.

Packaging Perfection

In the packaging industry, the challenge lies in preserving product integrity during transit and storage. SUPEX 7221 proves to be a game-changer by offering a robust bond between different materials, safeguarding packaged goods. Its flexibility accommodates the stresses of transportation, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the product reaches its destination intact.

Automotive Advantages

The automotive industry thrives on precision, safety, and efficiency. SUPEX 7221 steps in as a reliable adhesive for various applications, from securing plastic interior panels to bonding metal components. Its quick curing time minimizes assembly line bottlenecks, contributing to higher production rates. Additionally, the adhesive’s compatibility with diverse substrates ensures a consistent and dependable bond across the entirety of a vehicle’s construction.


The widespread application of SUPEX 7221 adhesive across various industries is a testament to its transformative potential. From manufacturing to construction, furniture production to automotive assembly, and even packaging, this flexible polyurethane adhesive is redefining how industries approach bonding. Its versatility, quick curing time, and compatibility with diverse substrates make it a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional adhesives. As industries continue to seek innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance product quality, SUPEX 7221 stands as a beacon of advancement, reshaping the landscape of industrial adhesion.