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FDA approved Food Grade Silicone sealant

food grade sealant

Overview of Food grade adhesive & sealant

  • What is a Food grade approved adhesive or sealant 
  • Why is food grade approval required
  • Which industries require food grade approved products
  • applications & products

What is a food grade approved  adhesive & sealant?

Food grade holds two separate definitions:

  1. It is a material that is safe for human consumption.
  2. It is a material that is suitable to come into direct contact with food products.

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), has its own set of complex regulatory  processes that determine whether every additive in a specific food is safe for human consumption. The agency’s procedure includes a long list of steps to take to guarantee food grade status, starting with the identification of the substance, a breakdown of the properties and purity standards for each substance, and the limitations on conditions of use.

The Differences Between Food Grade and Food Safe

We must be able to distinguish ‘food grade’ from ‘food safe.’ Though it’s fairly common to hear these two terms used interchangeably, the concepts – and corresponding regulations – behind them are actually quite distinct.

‘Food grade’ demands that all food components, as well as the surfaces and tools that interact with them during the manufacturing/assembly process, are safe for human consumption and/or exposure. On the other hand, ‘food safe’ refers to the material which comes into contact with the food having no dangerous effect on the consumer.

What makes these two concepts different is that ‘food grade’ contains the detail that temperature or environment will not impact the integrity of the material, but that is not necessarily true for ‘food safe’ materials. For example, a plastic container may be ‘food safe,’ but it doesn’t meet the criteria for ‘food grade’ status because it can’t withstand certain high temperatures.

How to be Food Grade-Compliant

Food grade compliance is an all-encompassing process that requires all food components – and the surfaces with which the components make contact – to contain materials that are safe for human consumption.

Which Industries require food grade approved products?

Which Products Need FDA Approval?
  • Human and animal drugs.
  • Medical biologics.
  • Medical devices.
  • Food (including animal food)
  • Tobacco products.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Electronic products that emit radiation.

Typical Indutries include : 

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food manufacturing 
  • Hospital
  • Institutional Kitchen for hospitality
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cold Room storing Food items
  • Medical Device manufacturers
  • OEM suplying equipments to FDA complaint institutions

Food Grade RTV Silicone Sealant

Silirub IS , Industrial Seal

food grade silicone sealantsIt is a  food grade silicone sealant that uses a moisture cure system. It is a high- performance moisture cure silicone sealant with outstanding adhesive/sealing properties. Hence it is an essential tool in every critical industrial application. Despite being an industrial product, Silirub IS is also approved by the FDA and thus can also be used in food preparation and storage environments like restaurants. 

Applications of Silirub IS 

When looking for a sealant for industrial purposes, Silirub IS is the preferred sealant to buy from the store. It typically finds application for a wide range of situations and materials like:

  • Sealing of lock seams and joints in the ductwork
  • Joining of welds and Fasteners in metal fabrication
  • Application on corrosion sensitive substances like chrome and steel
  • Food-grade environments like food storage units and restaurants
  • Electrical applications
  • Solar panels
  • Top Sealing and glazing jobs
  • Joining together PVC and other plastics with glass

Silirub B&K – Bathroom & Kitchen Sealant 

bathroom kitchen silicone sealantSilirub B&K is an anti-fungal silicone sealant that offers high performance when it comes to sealing/bonding activities. As a rule, in areas that remain wet most of the time. Commonly used in kitchen and bathroom areas. This product is also FDA approved (food grade) by Ianesco (France).

Applications of Silirub B&K

Since it is FDA approved, it finds more interior applications than in the exterior. Thus, some of the commonly found uses of this product include:

  • Bonding/ Sealing of joints in sanitary applications and kitchens.
  • Used for sealing joints in container and cold store applications.
  • Silirub B&K also used for glazing works and even air conditioning sealing. 

Medical Grade Adhesives 

Medical adhesives applications typically involve the bonding of plastics and metals. In addition to bonding parts together successfully, medical adhesives must also be compatible with direct or indirect contact with the body, depending on the application. It may also be required to withstand sterilization through a variety of potential methods. 

Medical grade adhesive are designed to bond medical products, such as syringes, dialysis filters, blood bags and tube connections. These medical devices are usually made from a range of synthetic materials, including
plastics that are hard to bond, such as PEEK, PE and PP.

Disposable medical products are often produced in large quantities. In addition to their mechanical bond strength, fast curing of the adhesives used is important to allow high volume production. For transparent and UV-permeable materials, UV-curing medical grade adhesive can be used. For UV-impermeable substrates LED curing is recommended.

Typical Applications  

  • Bonding of needles to hubs
  • Bonding of filters
  • Bonding of tube sets
  • Bonding of reservoirs
  • Bonding tips to swabs
  • Bonding foam and rubber pads in assistive devices and prosthetics
  • Bonding & sealing electronic components
  • Sealing oxygen connections
  • Threadlocking for vibration resistance
  • Wire tacking
  • Bonding handles onto walking frames

NSF Certified Sealants & Adhesives:

It is essentail to ensure the components used in the manufacture, installation, maintenance, and repair of foodservice products are also NSF Certified so as to maintain the product certification’s integrity.

Sealants & adhesives, particularly silicone, are integral components of the manufacture, installation, maintenance, and repair of dishwashers, commercial refrigerators and freezers, transporting equipment, food display units, heating elements, ductwork such as exhaust vents & range hoods, and many other foodservice products that NSF certifies.

NSF certified sealants & adhesives are food safe sealants, meaning they do not cause food borne illnesses when they come into contact with food and/or drinks.


NSF certification is a voluntary product certification in foodservice that addresses sanitary requirements, certifying that food service equipment is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety. NSF Certified products undergo rigorous, strict, and regular testing & auditing. The certification process consists of:

  • A physical evaluation of the product to ensure it meets prescribed food safety standards.
  • Testing and evaluation is performed on the materials used to make the product to make sure they meet prescribed standards.
  • The facility and product must also undergo annual follow up audits to maintain certification.
FDA approved Food Grade Silicone sealant
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FDA approved Food Grade Silicone sealant
The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), has its own set of complex regulatory processes that determine whether every additive in a specific food is safe for human consumption. The agency’s procedure includes a long list of steps to take to guarantee food grade status, starting with the identification of the substance, a breakdown of the properties and purity standards for each substance, and the limitations on conditions of use.
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