Supex MS Polymer Technology
helps in assembly of Bus Body/Automobiles

It is the smallest things when taken care of, that can bring about the biggest changes.

What problems can vibrations cause to a transport bus vehicle?

Modern-day high-speed coaches are regularly subject to high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations, in turn, further lead to bonding failures of critical parts in the bus body. Thus, for applications like bonding glass to metal/ Metal to FRP, complex structural bonders and special primers are required. Following this, we can begin to use a structural adhesive. 


Such a process is required because these parts cannot be fastened or welded besides being a costly process and having a high cycle time. The downside is also that you can never be sure about eliminating the possibility of bonding failures.

Car Body Assembly_Anagha Engineers
The frequent vibrations vehicles undergo eventually lead them to be unsafe for use.

The Solution?

AE primerless MS Polymer Adhesive Technology has been formulated for the assembly of such substrates. 

Application method

  • Clean the area to be sealed such that it is free from dust, loose particles 
  • Apply a uniform bead of the sealant from the tube  
  • Assemble parts and hold it for approx 5-10 minutes. 
  • Ensure that the parts are well held together by the sealant.
  • It is recommended that you test the effectiveness of the vibration absorption. This helps in understanding whether you will need to use more of the product.
Bus Body Building_Anagha Engineers
Eliminating the vibrations promotes a long lasting, stable vehicle body.

What Are The Benefits From Using This Product?

  • Using AE’s MS Polymer Technology allows you to maintain the bus body built. This heavily reduces the costs involved with maintenance.
  • Since buses are a major form of public transport, it is essential that they are maintained for long-lasting performance. AE’s solutions, do just that.

Buses have always been integral in our lives
Make sure you can do what it takes to keep it that way.

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