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Automotive Adhesives & Sealants

Best automotive adhesives and sealants available

Automotive Adhesives and Sealant applications 

Under the hood ( Engine, Transmission ) automotive adhesives

  • Flange sealing ( replace solid gaskets with flange sealants )
  • Locking and sealing of fasteners /threaded joints
  •  Core plug sealing in Engine block 
  • Engine mounting sound deadening with Polyurethane sealants 

Exterior and Body 

  • Head lamp bonding with PUR adhesive 
  • Tail lamp bonding with cyanoacrylates
  • Windscreen bonding with MS hybrid/ PU sealant 
  • Body sealants for welded joints 
  • Floor carpet bonding with rubber adhesive
Automotive Adhesives in Pune, used in State Road Transport undertakings


Handle lever screws of push back seats, Engine assy; Oil sump bolts, Locking of Hanger Bolt, Crank shaft counter bolts, Fuel Pump Stud, Stud Locking for gear Cover, Axle studs, Bumper bolts, Carrier plate bolts, Gear box – Big end, Gear Box – small end, Gear Box End Bolts, Hanger bolts – rear, Hanger bolts – Front Joint Bolts, Joint check nuts, Propellar Shaft Bolts, Quarter Shackle Bolts – Front, Quarter shackle bolts – Rear, Steering box foundation, Crown side bearing nut locking, Crack sealing in Blocks

Flange Sealing 

Axle housing, Gear Box Cover, Counter cup
Differential, F.I pump cover gasket, Gear Box – Maindrive cover, Rear housing cover, Top cover, AXLE CASING, Engine sump, Inspection cover gasket, Engine Block & Cylinder covers, Radiator mouth bonding, “Oil Sump Gasket Dressing in Engine assembly”, Tappet Cover Gasket in Engine assembly, Top cover gasket in Gear Box, Top Gasket in gear Box

Cylindrical Assemblies bonding & sealing 

Cone (bush in FI pump), Gear Box Front cover retaining, main oil seal, General purpose retaining, “Small end bush of connecting rod to its housing”, Speedometer cover; oil seal CJ/Propeller shaft cup, Differential Pilot bearing, Differential Sleeves, Gear Box bearing retaining, Kingpin to front axle retaining, Propeller shaft bearing retaining, Rear/front hub Cone 

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Automotive Adhesives and Sealants
Article Name
Automotive Adhesives and Sealants
Adhesives and sealants have increasingly being used in the manufacturing of automobiles. They help in weight and noise reduction, improve structural strength and integrity.