AE High-Temperature Silicone Sealant for Sealing Flanges

Problem Statement

A solid gasket is an integral part of the manufacturing sector. It acts as a sealing device and is fashioned out of material that is easily deformed. Usually designed in the form of a ring or sheet, it is required to form a pressure-tight seam in between various components. However, solid gaskets tend to leak over time. Even the best of machined flanges have surface imperfections which can be because of the pressure exerted by fluids, vibrations and movements.                       


Gear Box Flange_Anagha Engineers
Gear Box Flange
Aluminium Flange for Automotives

What was the solution?

AE Sealants (Liquid sealants) act as the perfect replacement to solid gaskets. They are also called ‘Formed in place’ Gaskets because they provide 100% sealing and bonding.

Features and Benefits


  • The sealant forms 100% leak-proof flange joints which last till the life of the assembly
  • Costly machining of flanges is not required. The sealant is also usable with cast flanges.
  • AE Silicone sealants can be easily applied by hand or manual gun.
  • No downtime is recorded since any shape gasket can be made in situ.

Method of Application

  • Clean the area to be sealed such that it is free from dust, loose particles. Keep in mind to follow the standard industrial hygiene practices. 
  • Apply a uniform bead of the sealant from the tube  
  • Assemble flanges and bolt.
  • Allow the sealant to cure. 

Industries and Applications

Liquid gasketing has become very popular with the Automobiles industry. Automotive manufacturers nowadays find its use in all segments of cars, viz: Passenger cars, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, Tractors, Agricultural machines, Railway Engines, Gensets use Liquid gaskets for all critical flange joints.

Some of the other applications of AE Silicone sealants are in process plants like Power, Steel, Paper, Wastewater treatment, Mining industry. The textile industry also uses ‘Liquid gasketing’ for flange sealing of various pieces of equipment like Gear Box, Oil pan sump, Camshaft cover, transmission buckle up etc.

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