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Adhesive & Sealant uses / Applications

Adhesive uses have grown exponentially over the years. They are used in each & every sphere of life. Some of the adhesive uses and applications are listed below.

How to reduce adhesive application costs 

  • Right adhesive selection 
  • Training user about application process and techniques 
  • Application tools eg: Which type of applicator 
  • Automate dispensing process
  • Reduce wastage & etc

How to select the right adhesive or sealant 

Right Adhesive selection is the most important part of the adhesive application process. Best of adhesive fail because of wrong product selection. Other extreme is that we end up using an over- engineered  / expensive product. We need to ask few questions to the end user to choose the optimal adhesive. They are mentioned below:

  1.  type of both the substrates ( substrate 1 and 2) to be bonded or sealed. Eg: MS to SS, Concrete gap sealing, ABS to leather etc
  2. Gap between the parts to be sealed or bonded
  3. How will you test the assembly after application, testing procedure
  4. Operating temperature, pressure of the assembly, working environment – comes in contact with oil, chemical, hot gases etc
  5. Expected life of the assembly
  6. Machine details – for automatic application process
  7. Adhesive application cost
  8. End use of the assembly where adhesive is used.
Successful Adhesive performance 

It comprises of :

  1. Right adhesive selection 
  2. Surface preparation before application
  3. Correct application procedure with right application tools. Eg: Pneumatic or battery operated gun is essential is the worker is applying sealant for the entire day ( reduces worker fatigue, improves application accuracy and reduces adhesive consumption/wastage) 
  4. Optimal curing ( drying ) time post application for best performance.