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3 Pillars of Anagha Engineers are Knowledge Management, Innovation, Lowest application cost  . With an industry experience of 20+ years, we have closely studied and worked with the growing industry of  adhesive & sealant . We’re proud for solving unconventional problems with the right innovative approaches for using our products. Sealants and adhesives plays a critical role in the well-being of our ‘day to day’ lives. At Anagha Engineers, we help you find out the optimal solutions and how you can adopt the “Prevention is better than cure” mindset

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Adhesive & Sealant


Questions we ask ourselves whenever a new customer is added :

  • Why did the customer buy from us though there are choices available?
  • Did we add value to their existing process
  • Did we educate the  user about the product and application ? 

WHY  Anagha Engineers 

  • Lowest application cost solution provider
  • Trusted technical partnership – understand  requirement and provide long term solutions
  • Effective Supply chain management– On time delivery
  • Material Availability 

Success stories across verticals


We at Anagha Engineers believe in ‘Sharing & Caring‘. Success is motivating while failures make us stop, analyse and correct our mistakes. So why not share it with the larger audience? . From solar farms to housing projects, we have solved problems for customers.  But, it goes without saying that we are always ready to get into new challenges. Reach out to us so that we can innovate the solutions to your problems together.

We grow when you are more aware about the applications of Adhesive & sealant. Product and application knowledge.

Anagha Engineers Sealant On Window Cracks
Anagha Engineers Adhesives On Tiles
Anagha Engineers Sealant Application Basement Filling
Anagha Engineers Wall Cavity Sealant Use
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