Simplifying Adhesive Sealant Foam spray

Anagha Engineers is a manufacturer, importer, distributor & supplier of adhesive foam spray sealant in India.  It was founded in 2014 with the Objective to  provide users with innovative solutions at lowest cost . Enable online purchase , Doorstep delivery using Technology and state of the art Supply Chain Management. 

We operate in 2 segments : Construction and Industry 

Construction  includes : New constructions, repairs, interiors, doors & windows, facades & glazing.

Infrastructure is the way forward for nations as they strive to become better and provide more for their people. Effectively sealing away to maintain your constructions becomes a number one priority.  While satisfying the customer’s immediate needs is important, it is also our aim to educate the client about the world of adhesive, polyurethane foam spray  and sealants so that they will be better informed to make their decisions. 

Industry includes : automotive, general manufacturing, process plants, HVAC, miantenance 

Need for high speed, automated controls, lighter but stronger products, lower cost has lead to more vibrations, increased stress on assemblies/joints, newer materials which are not sealant friendly. Hence the need to partner with adhesive/sealant experts at the design stage and reduce costs from inception.

Products – Foam spray sealant, adhesive, sealant

  • Polyurethane foam spray sealant , 2 part PU foam –  Pu foam spray can, polyol & MDI for heat/sound insulation, waterproofing, packaging
  • Acrylic sealant- water based paintable sealant for upvc door & windows, duct sealing, gap filler
  • Polyurethane ( PU) sealant – for expansion joints, bus body bonding & sealing, windscreen sealant.
  • Silicone sealants- GP silicone, neutral silicone, weather silicone, anti fungal bathroom & kitchen silicone, high temperature sealant, aquarium silicone, fire grade silicone, food grade sealant, flange sealant  
  • MS / Hybrid sealant-high tack adhesive, crystal clear adhesive, underwater adhesive 
  •  Adhesives- Pu adhesive for honeycomb doors, AAC block adhesive, tile adhesive, granite adhesive
  • Accessories : caulking gun, battery operated gun, Manual, semi automatic, automatic dispensing systems, applicator gun etc 
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Where do we fit in ?


We demistify, simplify the glue technology. Train users on Adhesives Technology, help customers identify right technology, support in application process too. All this at affordable costs.

Case Studies: Adhesive foam spray sealant


We at Anagha Engineers believe in ‘Sharing & Caring‘. Success is motivating while failures make us stop, analyse and correct our mistakes. From solar farms to housing projects, we have solved problems for customers. Sharing success stories for others to replicate. Click here for case studies section.

Operating Segments


Learn how our various products act as Gap filler, Foam sealant, Sealing joints, Door gap filler, Tile gap filler and more.


Have a look how our products helps in Structural bonding, Sealing, Flange sealing, Industrial Glue, Metal-Metal Adhesive.

We grow when you are more aware about the applications.

Anagha Engineers Sealant On Window Cracks
Anagha Engineers Adhesives On Tiles
foam spray
Anagha Engineers Wall Cavity Sealant Use
foam spray can
How to buy Anagha Engineers products?

Anagha Engineers operates from Navi Mumbai. We reach the customers across India through our centralised mobile no: +91 9833892782. The enquiries are forwarded to respective distributors of the region and close montoring is done with the CRM software system.

How do get onsite demo of the products?

Kindly call/ Whatsapp us at :+91 9833892782. 

Else fill the contact us section and we respond swiftly.

How do you ensure lowest application cost?

Application cost comprises Material purchase price, amount of sealant used per application, labour costs.

  • Purchase price : competitive pricing due to lower overheads.
  • sealant used per application: we train users on application method, provide sealant applicators which control sealant quantity and reduce worker fatigue.
  • Labour cost: better productivity due to application training and use of sealant applicators.
  • we help customers reduce cost & improve quality 
How to become distributor for Anagha Engineers products?

Kindly contact us @ +91 9833892782

How do you conduct training on adhesives & sealants?
We customise training programs ‘ free of cost’ based on unique requirements of the customers. We conduct the training & worshop as follows:
  • Technology webinars for executives, engineers & staff 
  • Workshop at site for supervisors and workers about sealants, application process, do’s and Dont’s. 
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