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Month: March 2020

Silicone sealant price

Silicone Sealant is generally available in paste form . It cures (dries) after reacting with moisture in order to form rubber like flexible  compound. Consequently, it also releases a by-product during  this curing process . As a result of the by-product generated, Silicones are classified into two categories that is Neutral   & Acetoxy silicones. Silicone …

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MS polymer sealant

Bonding anything to anything

Bonding / sealing any suface instantly- MS adhesives and sealants Why MS polymer adhesives and sealants  What is a MS adhesive Properties and benefits  Applications application videos 1. Why MS polymers? Traditional assembly methods and problems Assembling materials which are not similar has always been a challenge. As a result, engineering methods have developed over …

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