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Month: November 2019


Anagha Engineers specialises in  top-class pu foam spray sealant.  Pu spray sealant can find application in the case of Construction/ industrial demand and also within and around your homes. So we thought, why not list out some of the ways you can use it around the house? So this article will now list out some …

Gap filling, Sealing, Bonding with PU Foam Spray Sealant Read More »

stop seepage from walls

How to Stop Seepage?   Stop seepage  from common problem areas in the  building. Walls of the houses Rainwater entering through the cracks developed on external walls. Make v- groove and expand the cracks using grinder or manual tools. Clean the crackline/ groove, apply Supex PU 25 sealant to cover the cracks completely, excess sealant to …

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The bus manufacturing industry is upgrading from mechanical fasteners and replacing them by adhesives and sealants . The shift towards adhesives and sealants in bus assembly processes is encouraged by the need for increased sustainability, use of composite materials, aerodynamic designs and safety regulations.  . Here you will find everything you need to know about …

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